Yeh Rishta 16th September 2022 Update Abhi condemns Akshara

Yeh Rishta 16th September 2022 Update Abhi condemns Akshara

Yeh Rishta 16th September 2022 Update Abhi condemns Akshara Abhi isn’t ready to forgive Akshara. He tells her that he has been longing to see her and ask her the reason for ditching his love, the reason for abandoning him when he needed her the most. He is too hurt that Akshara left him and broke her promise of forever togetherness. He doesn’t want to question her intentions now, knowing it won’t be coming true. He tells that he doesn’t want any of her answers, which can’t justify her actions. Akshara asks him to give her one chance to explain why she had to leave him and go away. Abhi starts hating her. He sticks to his decision that he doesn’t want to hear her out. Akshara cries and stops him from leaving, when he asks her to never meet him again.

He calls it over and decides to end their terms forever. Akshara can’t let this happen. He tells that she has no right on him to halt his steps. She tells that she has always loved him and kept the love same for the entire year. She asks him if he can’t allow her just 24 hours, even if he wants to hate her across limits. She pleads with him to give her some time to clarify her deeds. She tells that once he knows the entire truth, he won’t judge her and forgive her easily. She is ready to bear his anger and hatred.

He remembers Akshara rescuing Kairav. He agrees to give her some time. She decides to find the evidence soon and prove Kairav innocent, so that she can go back to Abhi and the Birla family with all her rights. Akshara makes a wish that things get fine. Maaya starts falling for Abhi. She clicks his photo to show to Kunal, while Akshara stays unaware of Maaya’s feelings for Abhi. Abhi screams out his pain over Akshara’s deepest deceive. He doesn’t know if he should believe that she will stay back or run away once again.


Abhi comes home and expresses his frustration over his encounter with Akshara. Manjiri suspects that something is wrong when she finds him behaving against his rule book. She doesn’t know what’s troubling him exactly, but realizes that its concerning Akshara. Vansh asks Aarohi if she is dating someone. He overhears her talking to someone. Aarohi denies at first, and then gives in to his question when he emotionally asks her again. She tells that she is dating someone, but isn’t telling the family because of the complications. She asks him to keep the secret to himself, and she will reveal the details about her lover once the right time comes. Vansh assures support.

The Goenkas learn about a guy’s entry in Aarohi’s life. They are excited that Aarohi finally found love, and are also eager to know about the guy’s family background. Manish worries that Aarohi is dating someone they know and dislike. He doesn’t want the guy to be a Birla. On the other hand, Kunal gets upset with Maaya that she attended the event and took Akshara there. He calls it a risky move. She apologizes to him. She asks him to speak to Akshara who is too lost since they attended the event. Kunal enquires about the event. Maaya tells him that she got an invite from her fan and had to take Akshara along to sing. She shows her fan’s photo.

Kunal is shocked to see Abhi, and wonders if Abhi and Akshara met in the pandal. He gets random thoughts in his mind, over their conversation and plans. Kunal gets distressed. Abhi is still affected by Akshara’s request. Everything reminds him of Akshara. He receives a message from her, but he ignores her messages. He blocks her number. Akshara calls him, but realizes that he has blocked her number. She wishes that he gives her some time. Kunal grows panicking for Maaya. She tells that Akshara will fulfil her commitment by singing at the event and then leave from their lives, after which she can’t handle anything on her own. She fears that her career will get ruined. He pacifies her.

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