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Bhagya Lakshmi 19th September 2022 Written Update Brave Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th September 2022 Written Update Brave Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th September 2022 Written Update Brave Lakshmi Malishka asks Lakshmi is she happy now, Rishi is in danger because of her. She lectures Lakshmi, asking her to see where Rishi is standing today. Rishi is in big peril, when the terrorists make him stand over the ice slab and put a rope knot in his neck to hang him. Monish tells that the ice will slowly melt, while torturing Rishi’s feet and senses, and once the ice melts totally, Rishi will fall down and get hanged to death. He likes to torture Rishi.

Neelam, Virender and Malishka grow worried for Rishi. Rishi in turn asks them not to worry. The terrorists throw Rishi’s picture to the police. Dadi gets the picture. She is shocked to find Rishi’s life threatened. Monish tells that if his demands are not fulfilled, then he will send Rishi’s dead body to the police. Dadi tries to communicate to the family. She asks the reporters to decide how they want to use their power. She appeals them to help the hostages. Lakshmi picks a gun and points at Monish, shocking Rishi. Monish laughs, knowing she won’t be able to shoot at him. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Neelam also wanted Lakshmi to get away from Rishi’s life, but she doesn’t want Lakshmi to lose her life. Shalu and Bani beg Monish to leave Lakshmi. Rishi runs to save Lakshmi. He asks Monish not to do anything to Lakshmi and stay away. Monish tells that Rishi and Lakshmi’s love is true, they always want to save each other. Rishi asks him to spare Lakshmi. Monish slaps Rishi. He tells that its his wish to shoot Rishi first. Malishka wants to save Rishi.

She collides with Balwinder again. He laughs at her. He holds her hand to stop her. She slaps him. He tells that he isn’t her lover, he has some respect in his locality, he just likes the good things, so he likes Lakshmi, he finds Lakshmi more beautiful than Malishka. He wishes that Rishi dies today. She raises hand again. He warns her. Dadi prays for Lakshmi and Rishi. Monish tells that he has to settle scores with Rishi. He begins to torture Rishi.

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th September 2022 Written Update Brave Lakshmi:

Malishka looks for Rishi. She goes in front of the terrorists. She blames Lakshmi for risking Rishi’s life. She turns around and sees Rishi standing on an ice slab. She shouts and runs to him. The family cries for Rishi. Malishka asks Rishi not to worry, she will save him. She scolds him for coming to save Lakshmi. She asks Lakshmi to show her love now, ask the goons to kill her and leave everyone else. Lakshmi tells that she has told it many times, she has pleaded with them. She asks Monish to just spare Rishi and the family. Monish likes the hero and two heroine’s scene. He asks the goon to call the ACP. Monish contacts them. He tells that Rishi Oberoi is hanging between life and death, his life is melting down with time.

He asks ACP to fulfil his demands, else he will kill the people. He threatens him saying he will kill one person in every 5 minutes. ACP calls the commissioner to inform the mad game played by Monish. Commissioner tells that he is considering Monish’s demands, but he can’t spare the terrorists, they will find some middle way. ACP tells that Monish is going to hang Rishi. Reporter hears about Rishi. Commissioner asks ACP to buy some time by engaging Monish in the talk. Reporter spreads the news. Devika gets to know this and cries for Rishi. Monish tells the hostages that he will kill all of them. Lakshmi gets worried for Rishi.

Devika prays for Rishi’s safety. She tells that the entire family will shatter if anything happens to Rishi. Rishi smiles, surprising Lakshmi. He tells that it’s the best way to tackle a tough situation, so he is smiling to relieve his tension. Monish turns angry at Rishi. He tells that he will kill Rishi, whose smiling face won’t be seen again. He learns that Virender knows the police commissioner. He asks Virender to talk to the commissioner and ask him to fulfil their demands. He adds that he won’t spare Rishi at any cost. Malishka angrily hits him. Monish tells that he won’t leave her.

Lakshmi protects Malishka. He asks her why does she want to save her Sautan. Lakshmi tells that nothing is more important than someone’s life. Ayush tells the judge that Lakshmi is innocent, she can never add poison in the food, she protects even her family. Shalu asks Ayush if he is hopeful that they all will get saved. She cries that they won’t get saved from the terrorists. Ayush asks the judge to announce Lakshmi innocent at least now, so that they die in peace. He asks Monish to spare them a minute, the judge should give the verdict for Lakshmi’s case. Monish shouts that he is the judge and he will decide. He tells that he announces Lakshmi innocent. He asks his goons to prepare to ignite the fire.

Malishka asks Monish not to hurt anyone. She apologizes to him. Ayush also apologizes to Monish, thinking Monish is going to burn Malishka alive. He jokes that he isn’t going to burn Malishka, who is already burning in jealousy by seeing Rishi and Lakshmi’s love. He ignites the fire to speedily melt the ice and trouble Rishi more. Lakshmi cries for Rishi. Monish tells that Rishi will get hanged to death, his life will end in front of them. Ayush, Ahana and Shalu scold Malishka for hitting Monish and angering him more. Karishma asks them to blame Lakshmi, not Malishka. Neelam also feels that they got trapped because of Lakshmi. She calls Lakshmi unlucky for the family.

Monish asks them to stop the family drama. Dadi and Devika pray for Rishi. Monish lights the fire around Rishi. Lakshmi begs him to leave Rishi free. Dadi gets a picture of Rishi, and shouts. ACP reads Monish’s threatening message for the police. Ayush tries hard to put off the fire and save Rishi. Lakshmi moves the ice slab and stands underneath Rishi, holding his feet. She supports him. He tells that she knows his weight, she can’t bear it for long. He asks her to leave. She tells that she doesn’t see anything else when he is in trouble. He asks her to let him die. She tells that she is alive only if he is alive. She proves her true love for Rishi once again.

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