Yeh Rishta 19th September 2022 Upcoming Abhi’s love


Yeh Rishta 19th September 2022 Upcoming Abhi’s love Abhi assures Mahima that he will get all the answers from Akshara. She asks him if he is still trusting Akshara, who is just fooling him once again. She tells that Akshara has taken time just to run away from him. He doesn’t want to have any regret that he didn’t give a chance to Akshara by which he could have known the truth. Manjiri and Neil support Abhi. Mahima asks the family to support her in her every step, when she decides to seek justice for Anisha. She tells that she will take a step to bring Anisha’s soul to peace.

Dadi learns that Kairav and Akshara are returning home. Manish sees the kachoris on the table and tells that its Kairav and Akshara’s favorite. Before Dadi could say anything, Kairav arrives there to meet the entire family. Kairav has an emotional reunion with the family, while Akshara leaves him with the Goenkas for safety. She gets chased by some robbers on the way, but luckily Abhi comes to her rescue. Akshara tells that her Docman has come to save her once again.

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Dhara recovers from sickness when Chiku is brought home. Shweta regrets that her plan failed. She wants Dhara to adopt Chiku. She wants her freedom. Shweta’s truth isn’t hidden from Rishita. Rishita suspects that Shweta is behind the kidnapping, but has no proof against her. Suman decides to send Shweta and Chiku home. Dhara gets upset, but agrees with Suman. Suman clears that she doesn’t want to accept any responsibility. She is afraid to answer Shweta’s parents if anything happens to Chiku. She tells that she will give a ring to Shweta’s parents and ask them to take her home. Rishita is glad to get rid of Shweta. Later, Shweta confesses her deeds in front of Krish. She tells that she never wanted a child, she has done a lot to get rid of Chiku. Krish is in disbelief.


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