Anupama 20th September 2022 Upcoming Enduring love

Anupama 20th September 2022 Upcoming Enduring love

Anupama 20th September 2022 Upcoming Enduring love Anuj totally supports Anupama, who is frustrated over the series of events. Anupama and Kavya handle Kinjal who gets a panic attack and bursts in anger. Vanraj feels ashamed that Paritosh has learnt such disgusting behavior from him. He tells that he always wanted Paritosh to become like him, but he never thought that Paritosh will also walk on the wrong path. Kavya tells that she never felt Anupama’s pain till now. She regrets that Vanraj and she cheated Anupama by their secret relation. Anupama also gets her pain reviving when she tries to shoulder Kinjal.

Kinjal’s pain triggers Anupama’s bad memories. Pakhi asks Anupama why did Rakhi keep quiet despite knowing the entire truth of Paritosh’s affair. She tells that Anupama can never keep quiet, knowing what the consequences will turn out. Anupama tells her that she won’t let anything wrong happen with herself, and not even with Kinjal. She doesn’t feel answerable to anyone for her move to break out the truth to Kinjal. She tells Pakhi that its her problem if she thinks her mum did wrong. She then highlights her decision saying my life, my rules, surprising Leela and Vanraj.

Later, Anupama breaks down in front of Anuj, who asks her to just keep faith and stay strong to support Kinjal. He asks Anupama to keep a hope in her heart. Anupama wishes Kinjal’s mental peace. Anupama, Anuj, Vanraj and Kavya worry for an emotionally laidback Kinjal. Will Paritosh realize his mistake? How will they cheer up Kinjal and bring her life on track? Keep reading.


Reviewed Rating for Anupama 20th September 2022 Upcoming Enduring love: 4/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


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