Kumkum Bhagya 20th September 2022 Written Update Awful Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 20th September 2022 Written Update Awful Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 20th September 2022 Written Update Awful Rhea Rahul and his goons summon the hidden family members in the hall. Rahul tells that he has come to rob Aaliya’s necklace for which she blamed him without any reason. He tells that he wants to just take the necklace to exact his revenge on Aaliya. He doesn’t want Pallavi, Vikram or anyone to get scared of them. He tells that he will not harm anyone. He wants Aaliya’s necklace else she will see what he can do. Aaliya doesn’t feel scared of the goons. Rhea asks her to stay strong and fearless. He tells that both Rhea and Aaliya and evil. He reveals Rhea’s plan to the family that she was planning to become a great bahu by pretending to save the family without getting hurt and without taking any risk.

Earlier in the show, Rahul tells that Rhea promised to give away the house assets, but he rejected her offer. He tells that he has more sincerity than Rhea. He doesn’t want to pretend to loot the family. He tells that Rhea can never become a great bahu like Prachi. He exposes Rhea’s truth in front of Pallavi, who trusts Rhea the most. Rhea and Sid get away after the chaos. Rhea threatens him about Mihika. She asks him to just marry Prachi and take her away. Sid also argues with her. Aryan and Shahana want Ranbir and Prachi to side their egos and realize their love. Sid tells Ranbir and Prachi that Rhea is really evil. He tells that Rhea is the worst human, she doesn’t want Prachi’s happiness. Ranbir and Prachi act surprised.



Rahul exposes Rhea’s evil, but she denies it. Rahul tells his friends that he doesn’t know who is more evil, Aaliya or Rhea. Aaliya tells that she will not spare them. Rahul asks her to give the necklace to him, else he will kill her. Rhea asks her to give the necklace and end the matter. Aaliya gives her necklace and asks them not to hurt Rhea. Goon asks Prachi for her ring. Prachi refuses to give the ring. Jay asks her if its really expensive. She tells that its her mum’s ring, she will not give it at any cost. Jay demands the ring, but Prachi stays adamant that she won’t give the ring.

Ranbir defends Prachi. Rhea asks Prachi to give the ring instead taking a big risk. Sid asks the goons to leave Prachi. Jay asks why is he worrying for Prachi. Aaliya tells that Sid is going to marry Prachi. Jay calls it a lie, because Prachi is already married to Ranbir. Ranbir and Aryan stop the goon from troubling Prachi and family. They initiate a fight. Sid and Vikram also join them. Ranbir angrily bashes Jay. Prachi asks Ranbir to leave the goon. Rhea asks Ranbir to just go out and call the police. Priya reaches there and finds Rahul in trouble.

She picks a gun and shoots in the air to stop them. She asks them not to move away from their place. Ranbir asks everyone to just leave and save their lives. Jay asks Sid and Rhea to stop running, else he will shoot. Sid saves Rhea’s life. Jay laughs when he finds the bag. He also finds the chemicals inside. He tells that he will change the world now by showing what he can do. He summons the family again. He gets to hear Aryan telling that he is calling the police. Priya doesn’t know why Rahul took a big risk. Sid tells Rhea that she doesn’t deserve to live. She calls him a heartbroken lover. He tells that he loved her, but she fooled the entire family. He asks her to remember that she will always be alone.

He tells Ranbir that Rhea is selfish and doesn’t want Prachi’s happiness. He tells about Rhea’s evil personality. Aaliya comes and controls Sid by reminding him about Mihika. Rhea asks her to complete the matter. Sid apologizes and tells that he said it in anger. Rhea tells that she feels bad, she is also hurt. She indirectly threatens Sid. Prachi finds Priya hiding. Priya gets them at gun point. She tells that she will shoot them if they oppose her orders. She sympathizes with Ranbir and Prachi. She respects them. She asks them not to let Rahul know about her help. Ranbir assures her.

Mihika is again caught by the goons. She wants to inform the family about Rahul and gang. Ranbir and Prachi find Priya a nice girl. They think even Rahul is nice, but his friends are bad. They decide to control the situation. Mihika’s phone is fallen in the kitchen area. She tells the goons that she wants to make a call to the family and warn them about the danger. She requests them. Goon gives his phone to her and asks her not to act smart. Prachi finds Mihika’s phone ringing. She answers the call. Mihika tells Prachi that some people are trying to loot the house by using the chemical powder to faint down all the people. Prachi grows worried knowing Jay’s plan. Ranbir asks her to listen. She tells him about Mihika’s call. She wants to stop the goons. He asks her to make a plan first and then go there. She tells that they will go and face the goons. He asks her to have water.

He insists her to have water. Prachi drinks some water and runs away to the family. She finds the entire family caught by the goons. She warns the family about the goons’ plan. She tells that Mihika wanted to save them, by warning them before time. She asks the people to stop the goon from spreading the chemical smoke. Ranbir runs to open the windows. Prachi struggles to stop Ranbir. Ranbir asks her to come with him, because she is pregnant. He takes Prachi aside. He misses her due to the chaos. Prachi goes away, while Ranbir looks for her.

They both get away from the living room, where the smoke spreads and everyone faints down. Ranbir and Prachi also get affected and faint down after reaching their room. Later, Ranbir gains consciousness with the thought of pregnant Prachi needing his help. He finds Prachi. He asks her to get up. Shahana also gets into senses. She sprinkles water on Aryan and wakes him up. Aryan asks where are they. She tells that they are in the hall, even the goons fainted, they should tie the goons up before they wake up. Ranbir grows worried for Prachi, who doesn’t respond to his repeated calls.

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