Muskuraane Ki Vajah 19th September 2022 Kabir slips into coma

Muskuraane Ki Vajah 19th September 2022 Kabir slips into coma

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Muskuraane Ki Vajah 19th September 2022 Kabir slips into coma Yuvraj gets arrested. He asks the family to help him. Kabir is devastated with Yuvraj’s truth. Katha wants Kabir to come out of the room. She grows worried for Kabir. She tries reaching Kabir. Kabir falls unconscious. Kishor asks Katha not to get worried, Kabir can’t take any wrong move. He looks inside the room, and finds Kabir lying unconscious. He tells the family about Kabir. Devraj and Kishor break the door to rescue Kabir. They find Kabir lying on the floor. They attend him and try to get him to consciousness. Kabir still can’t accept the truth that Yuvraj is the father of Katha’s unborn child.

Kabir wanted to keep himself locked inside the room, away from Katha, since he can’t meet his eyes. Kabir is rushed to the hospital, while Yuvraj lands in jail. Yuvraj is hurt that Kabir didn’t believe him and got him arrested. He hates Katha for this. Madhu blames Katha that Kabir went into extreme shock and collapsed. She tells that Katha knew Kabir loves Yuvraj so much, and still she has blamed Yuvraj. Kishor and Deepa ask Madhu not to create a scene when they are at the hospital to look after Kabir.

Katha and the family meet the doctor, and ask about Kabir. Doctor informs them about Kabir’s mental shock, due to which he has slipped into coma. Katha didn’t expect this outcome for her truth. She begs the doctor to save Kabir. The family cries on learning that Kabir can stay in coma for a long time. Katha tells that she will pray for Kabir and bring him out of the comatose condition soon. The family sinks in sorrow after losing both their sons due to Katha’s coming in their lives. Keep reading.


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