Bade Acche Lagte 20th September 2022 Appnapan Upcoming

Bade Acche Lagte 20th September 2022 Appnapan Upcoming

Bade Acche Lagte 20th September 2022 Appnapan Upcoming Ishaan wants Manna to accept her love, but she just cares for Barkha. She wants him to accept Barkha back in his life. Pallavi tells Sonali that she can’t oppose Maa’s decision, but she wants Sonali to leave. Sonali lies to her that she will go. Pallav finds Sonali eyeing Nikhil again. She grows worried sensing Sonali hasn’t changed. Later, Pallavi finds Nikhil and Sonali together in the kitchen. Sonali tries to attract Nikhil by her beauty.

Nandita advises Sonali to trap Nikhil by using her beauty, which will awaken Nikhil’s desires, he will fall weak seeing her beauty. Pallavi finds Sonali’s strange move. She tells that she can understand Sonali’s motive. She asks Sonali what does she want, why did she return in their lives. Sonali flirts with Nikhil in front of Pallavi. Pallavi wants to know what game Sonali is playing. Pallavi imagines Nikhil and Sonali’s romance. She gets stressed. The elders find Pallavi sleeping for long. They get worried and ask Nikhil to wake her up. Pallavi later asks Nikhil to send Sonali away from their house and lives.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 20th September 2022:
Ram and Priya come close when she gets drunk by mistake. He finds Priya really calm and cute. He wishes that she commits such mistake always. He misses their moments. He wishes that Priya and he get back together. He feels the same love for Priya once again. Pihu finds them cutely fighting. She wishes that they always stay with her. She thanks Bappa for completing her dream of a happy family. She records their video to show it to Priya later. Vedika and Nandini execute a dangerous plan. Vedika gets dressed as Priya and enters her room at night to lift Pihu. She takes away Pihu and wants Ram to suspect Priya. Will Vedika succeed in creating this huge misunderstanding between them? Keep reading.



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