Pandya Store 21st September 2022 Wedding chaos

Pandya Store 21st September 2022 Wedding chaos

Pandya Store 21st September 2022 Wedding chaos Krish proposes Shweta just for keeping Chiku home. He doesn’t want anyone to snatch Chiku from Dhara. Suman reprimands Krish for deciding to marry Shweta without consulting anyone in the family. She doesn’t want him to marry Shweta, who already has a child. She tells that she will not permit him to marry Shweta. Dhara suspects Krish is making a sacrifice for her sake. Rishita tells that she suspects Shweta’s intentions. She doesn’t like Shweta at all. She asks Krish not to marry Shweta. Raavi supports Krish, thinking he really likes Shweta. Dhara wants Krish to answer her and clear her doubt. She knows he has agreed to marry Shweta just to keep Chiku in the family. She tells that Krish is doing everything to let Chiku stay with her.

She doesn’t want him to compromise on his happiness. Shweta returns to Pandya house with her reply. She tells Krish that she is ready to marry him. Krish asks her if she is sure of her decision, and not regret over it later. Shweta tells that she wants to believe him and give a chance to herself for a new life. Shweta tells that they both can know each other after marriage. Suman is shocked when Krish decides to marry Shweta on the same day. He tells that he doesn’t want Shweta’s decision to get weak. He asks Shweta to come along to the temple, they will get married right away. Suman threatens of dying if Krish dares to marry Shweta. She tells that she will break all ties with Krish if he goes with Shweta. Krish is in big dilemma. He has to protect Dhara’s happiness in the form of Chiku. Keep reading.

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