Udaariyaan Swaran Ghar Muskuraane Ki Vajah 21st September 2022

Udaariyaan Swaran Ghar Muskuraane Ki Vajah 21st September 2022

Udaariyaan Swaran Ghar Muskuraane Ki Vajah 21st September 2022 Upcoming Spoilers Nehmat meets Naaz at the Sandhu house. She tells that she will be leaving for her classes quickly, and asks Naaz to come on her own. Later, Nehmat arrives to meet Rupy, who questions her about her early morning arrival. Nehmat hides the matter from him.

Swaran Ghar Spoilers:

Arjun doesn’t find Rajeshwari happy from her heart that he decided to marry Swaran. She meets him at his office, when he questions her if she is happy with his decision or not. She clears that she isn’t happy with his decision, because she doesn’t like Swaran. She expresses her displeasure over the alliance. Arjun tells that love doesn’t see time and situation, it just enters a heart. Meanwhile, Bebe and Ajit discuss their next move. She tells that Swaran and Ajit’s children will never get ready for their marriage. Ajit tells that he is stuck in a big problem, he doesn’t know what to do. Bebe asks him to approach Swaran first. She tells that she will also assist him in handling Swaran’s anger.


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho:

Katha grows worried for Kabir when his health deteriorates. She finds a way to fill back the hope and will power for life. She gets much concerned for him. Katha recalls the times with Kabir. She realizes that she loves him. She talks to Kabir, and asks him to respond. She tells that she knows it well, he is waiting to hear this from her since a long time, so she will say it today. She says I love you Kabir, which makes Kabir react and break out of his coma. He opens eyes and sees Katha. Katha gets delighted on seeing Kabir back. Katha has exposed Yuvraj’s truth to the family. Kabir supports Katha and wishes the family accepts her too.


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