Muskuraane Ki Vajah 22nd September 2022 Kabir’s wrath

Muskuraane Ki Vajah 22nd September 2022 Kabir's wrath

Muskuraane Ki Vajah 22nd September 2022 Kabir’s wrath Kabir recovers from the coma with Katha’s love confession. He catches Yuvraj and slaps him. He tells that he got blind when it came to love and trust Yuvraj, so the latter took an advantage of his love. He tells that Yuvraj is a devil and he should be punished. He expresses his disgust. He calls the police to get Yuvraj arrested. Yuvraj angrily takes the inspector’s gun and points at Katha. He shocks the family by catching Katha at the gun point. He threatens of shooting Katha. Kabir and Uma get worried for Katha.

Saavi impresses Nityam’s mum. She tells about Sonam Goel, the bride. The man suspects that Nityam’s would be bride and Shiv’s fiancée Sonam are one and the same. Saavi tells about the special puja kept by Nityam’s family. Sonam gets afraid to attend the puja, where Nityam and her kundali will be matched. Ratna pretends unwell and does a drama to save Sonam from the trouble. Sonam doesn’t want anyone to know that she has changed the Kundali.



Aman announces her pregnancy news in the party. The family is really happy for her. Aman gets the elders’ blessings. Ajooni is happy for Aman. She tells Rajveer that things will get fine once Aman delivers the baby, who will change everything in the family. Rajveer tells that everything will change, but he wants to know when will things change for them. He asks will she change, will their relation change.

Woh Toh Hai Albela:
Sayuri encourages Kanha for his vloggers competition. Kanha tells that he is her husband, her victory in the meeting has inspired him to give his best. She thanks him. She wishes him all the best. Sayuri talks to Kanha on video call. She gets dizzy. He gets worried for her and tells that he is coming home soon. Nakul assists Sayuri in her business work.


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