Yeh Hai Chahatein Promo Update Rudra Vanshika wedding

Yeh Hai Chahatein Promo Update Rudra Vanshika wedding

Yeh Hai Chahatein Promo Update Rudra Vanshika wedding Prisha’s memory didn’t come back yet. Armaan is trying hard that she doesn’t remember Rudra. Rudra is also working on his plan to remind Prisha their bond. He stages his marriage with Vanshika to remind Prisha their marriage and love. He grows Prisha to the core that she puts her foot forward to make the bride Vanshika fall down. Rudra understands Prisha’s jealous step. He lifts Vanshika and takes her. He pampers Vanshika to make Prisha more jealous. Rudra and Vanshika’s haldi function begins. He replays the moments of Prisha and him. He wants Prisha to see the recreated moments and get her memories back. Rudra and Vanshika romance in front of Prisha. Their plan works, when Prisha reacts in anger. Rudra and his entire family keep their planning concealed from Prisha. Rudra wants Prisha to confess that she loves him. He wishes Prisha stops his marriage.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho:
Dev makes an exciting announcement to his staff. He tells them that he has bought a FM radio company, who asked him for funding. His decision surprises everyone. Dev also engages the staff in a fun activity. He gets his staff’s opinion on love. He tells that he wants to thank all of them for their support. He asks them to utilize their free time well. Dev reads the chits in front of everyone. He gets to know what his staff and colleagues think about love. Dev also speaks his opinion on love.

He tells that he is in his 40s, its tough for him to speak on love, but he still tries. His heart also wants a life partner who would bring peace in his life. He wants someone who brings a smile on his face and is too understanding. Vidhi just thinks of Dev who defines true love perfectly. He tells that love is respect, care and faith. The staff claps for Dev. Dev’s kerchief falls in the office. Vidhi takes it to keep it with her. Amba shocks Dev, by confessing that she loves him. Dev has no place for Amba in his life. He tries to make Amba away. Amba’s love for Dev gets known to Vidhi.



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