Anupama 24th September 2022 Upcoming Kinjal's decision

Anupama 24th September 2022 Upcoming Kinjal’s decision

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Anupama 24th September 2022 Upcoming Leela’s drama Kinjal doesn’t want Barkha’s advice. She asks Barkha to leave her alone. Kinjal panics when she fails to handle her baby, who gets choked. She wants Anupama at her side. Anuj doesn’t want to burden Anupama by putting more work on her. He wishes he gets fine soon, so that he shares the load. Anupama feels guilty that she isn’t able to manage her duties well. Anuj finds Anupama taking much tension. He wants her to stay relieved. Anupama blames herself and feels responsible for the wrong happenings. Leela tells Kavya about the puja kept to perform Shraddh rituals of the ancestors. She decides to meet Anupama and Kinjal.

Moreover, Leela meets Kinjal and forces her to come back home. She tries to take the baby. Anupama asks Leela not to snatch the baby, who isn’t a toy. Leela asks Kinjal not to believe Anupama. She tells that such a thing happens with many women, but not every women breaks her marriage like Anupama did. She wants Kinjal to forgive Paritosh and come back home. Leela accuses Anupama for separating Paritosh and Kinjal. She asks Kinjal to just come home with her, else Anupama will break her family. Anupama asks Leela not to influence Kinjal negatively. She tells that its Kinjal’s relation, so Kinjal should decide for it.

Woh Toh Hai Albela:

Saroj manipulates the workers to make them go on strike. She wants troubles for Sayuri. Sayuri is stressed already. She wants to prove herself. She saves the family from the embarrassing situation. She encourages the women to work. Saroj’s plan fails. Sayuri wants Saroj to understand that she isn’t a bad choice to handle the business. Sayuri tells that she will not lose courage, she will complete the order on time. Kanha returns home, and finds Sayuri in the middle of an argument with Saroj.






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