Anupama 26th September 2022 Update Paritosh's insane move

Anupama 26th September 2022 Update Paritosh’s insane move

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Anupama 26th September 2022 Update Paritosh’s insane move Leela creates a scene at Anuj’s residence. Anuj calls it enough. He asks Leela to go back home. He doesn’t want any nuisance. He can’t see Kinjal and Anupama hurt due to Leela’s orthodox mindset. Anupama just wants Paritosh and Kinjal to decide for their lives. Leela fumes in anger while leaving the house. Kinjal feels worried, that she has troubled everyone. She regrets that she made Pari/Arya away from her family. Samar calls Kinjal right. He tells that he will always stand by her, he is her younger brother, he will always support her decisions against Leela and Paritosh. He asks her to follow her heart.

He consoles Kinjal. She feels lucky to get a supportive brother in Samar. He tells that he has a relation of heart with Kinjal, for which he can fight his relation of blood with Paritosh. Anupama is proud of Samar. She asks him to look after Leela. Anuj doesn’t want Kinjal to fall weak. He encourages Kinjal to think of herself and her future, even though she worries for everyone. He tells that she should turn strong, she shouldn’t blindly follow the world, but follow her heart. Anupama wishes for Paritosh’s betterment and safety. She fears for Paritosh when she learns that the latter is missing. Vanraj looks for Paritosh.

He informs the family that he didn’t find Paritosh anywhere. Anupama wonders what is Paritosh going to do. Paritosh gets drunk and barges in Kapadia mansion. Anupama thinks Paritosh will do the unexpected, he will go where they will never doubt. Paritosh asks Kinjal to forgive him and come back to him. He angrily takes Pari from him. Kinjal asks him to return Pari. Anuj pushes Paritosh away. Paritosh takes the knife and threatens Kinjal that he will end his life if she doesn’t listen to him. Anupama reaches home and finds Paritosh’s suicide threatening. She asks him to end his life if he can.

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