Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2022 Written Update Party twist

Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2022 Written Update Party twist

Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2022 Written Update Party twist Karan tells Anjali about his special plans for Rishabh. He tells that she won’t be upset with him now that he is getting deviated from his revenge goal by growing emotional for the family. He tells that they will be attending the collaboration party at the Luthra house, and once Rishabh makes a formal announcement about their upcoming project and their business partnership, he will begin targeting Rishabh to ruin his business. He adds that once the launch party gets over, Rishabh’s problems will begin. Anjali hopes that Arjun stays on his word, and doesn’t forget what Rishabh and Preeta did to him.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn wishes that Rishabh loses Preeta. She is angered that Rishabh chose Preeta over her. She wants Rishabh to lose his love. Rishabh hates Sherlyn due to her evil nature. He doesn’t get bothered by her words. Rishabh grows anxious after Sherlyn’s curse. He tells Sameer what Sherlyn told him. Sameer asks what did she say. Rishabh tells that Sherlyn said that the way she didn’t get him, he won’t get Preeta, someone will snatch Preeta from him. Sameer asks him not to worry for Sherlyn’s words.

Earlier in the show, Rishabh gets to see Sherlyn. The man asks Sherlyn to help Rishabh with the charger. Rishabh tells that its okay, he didn’t know its her house, he is really sorry. She welcomes him home. She thinks she is mad to come with Prithvi by leaving a humble man like Rishabh. She asks him if he misses her. She tries to convey her feelings. He gets angry at her when she takes Preeta’s name. He tells that Sherlyn can never understand what Preeta means to him. He asks her for the charger. She asks him to accept her once. He tells that he is married now, he has a daughter, he can’t accept Sherlyn, he was in jail because of Sherlyn. She has tortured his family so much. He tells that she didn’t change till now. She curses him that someone will snatch his Preeta from him.


Karan remembers Preeta who used to select his clothes. Anjali knows that he is thinking of Preeta. Karan wants to deny it, but can’t. He accepts that he is thinking of Preeta. She gives his watch which he left in the hall. She asks him not to lose the time, the very moment when he has come to take his revenge. She reminds him the revenge motives. She tells that he has a big heart, he loves even his enemies, he forgets his past often, but he has to remember that Rishabh and Preeta killed him, he is now Arjun, not Karan.

Karan calls her a good friend who always shows him the right path. He tells that he should never trust his heart, which cheats because of the feelings. He tells her that he can never forget the past, but his mind gets diverted, his hatred falls short in front of his love. He tells that he has planned something for Rishabh. He wants to make sure that Rishabh loses his peace. He tells that he will play the clippings of Rishabh’s ongoing cases and then confront him in the party.

On the other hand, Rishabh is disturbed because of Sherlyn’s words. He finds Preeta getting ready for the party. He remembers that he has married Preeta just to protect her dignity. Preeta remembers Karan. Sameer finds Rishabh’s true concern for Preeta. Sameer asks him why does he look disturbed. He requests him to share the matter. Rishabh tells that he met Sherlyn today, his phone battery was dead, he went to some house to borrow a charger, he didn’t know it was Sherlyn’s house, she wants to come back in his life, when he refused, she cursed him that he will lose Preeta to someone else.

He feels Preeta and Kavya’s importance in his life. He tells that he can’t leave without them. Sameer realizes that Rishabh loves Preeta. He wants to ask Rishabh about his feelings. Mahesh and Bani have a cute argument. Bani asks him to change his clothes and look better. Rishabh asks him to obey his mother. Bani hugs Rishabh. She tells that Rishabh thinks for everyone’s happiness. She blesses that he gets all the happiness of the world. Preeta and Shrishti take care of the party arrangements. Janki and Biji join them. Shrishti tells that she has made arrangements for the projector screen to show Arjun and Rishabh’s business collaboration.

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