Kumkum Bhagya Crazy Pranbir 28th September 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Crazy Pranbir 28th September 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Crazy Pranbir 28th September 2022 Pallavi makes Prachi promise that she won’t create any drama till the engagement happens. Ranbir feels helpless that he isn’t able to do anything to get his Prachi back. He thinks he should also take a step and call off her wedding with Sid. Prachi chooses Ranbir’s gifted saree than the one given by Rhea for her engagement. Ranbir and Prachi realize that they aren’t in each other’s fate. Will Ranbir take a stand and finally speak up, rather than playing the helpless drama?


Ekam fears of losing his dad. He doesn’t think he can share his sorrow with Nehmat, who is already loaded with the sorrow of losing her parents. She tries to console a broken Ekam. He tells that they love each other, but their sorrow is such huge that they can’t get rid of it ever. Later, Ekam tries to get the truth out of his dad about Fateh and Tejo’s accident. Rupy finds Jasmin’s letter in his cupboard. He doesn’t want anyone to learn the truth that Nehmat wasn’t born to Jasmin. He decides to destroy the letter, but Nehmat walks in and gets the letter from him. She unfolds the letter. Will she learn the truth? Keep reading.



Parminder decides to accept Pari as her Bahu. She promises Pari that she will accept her as Rajeev’s wife and give her a place in the house and their lives. Rajeev feels guilty that he ruined Pari’s life. Pari reveals the truth that Neeti is pregnant. She tells Rajeev’s family that they should accept Neeti instead. Pari leaves her status and rights. She meets Neeti and promises that her in-laws will soon accept her and give her the rights. She sacrifices her happiness for Neeti’s happiness and the coming baby.


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