Bhagya Lakshmi 28th September 2022 Written Update Trap for Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th September 2022 Written Update Trap for Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th September 2022 Written Update Trap for Rishi Lakshmi tells Shalu that Balwinder caught her in the court, he said that he knows about her innocence. She is sure that he knows something about the hotel incident. Malishka loves Rishi and is ready to do anything to get him. She tells that she will get Rishi back at any cost, nobody can snatch him from her. She doesn’t want Rishi to fall for Lakshmi. Lakshmi tells that Balwinder told her about the culprit being from the family. Shalu asks her what else did he say. Lakshmi tells that she just wanted to run away, she didn’t hear him well, she doesn’t even remember if he took someone’s name.

Shalu tells that Balwinder might be behind the conspiracy. Lakshmi doesn’t think Balwinder can do such a big thing. She tells that they will talk to the chefs and find out some way to get Rishi out of the jail. Malishka dreams of Rishi. She wishes that she really gets Rishi. She grows insecure when she finds Lakshmi snatching Rishi from her. Malishka wakes up from her dream and runs to stop Rishi. Kiran stops her and calms her down. Malishka tells that Lakshmi is taking Rishi away. She cries for her Rishi. Kiran consoles her. Malishka tells her the dream. Kiran asks her not to think negative.

Malishka tells that Rishi forgot her efforts. Kiran asks her not to worry, Lakshmi took a bigger move, but Neelam has seen Malishka’s efforts. Malishka feels really scared. She tells that if Lakshmi frees Rishi, then he will become her slave. Kiran asks her to save herself first, if Rishi doesn’t get freed, then it will be Lakshmi’s loss. Malishka asks if she should not let Lakshmi succeed in freeing Rishi. Kiran explains her. Lakshmi prays that she finds a way to sabe Rishi, who is the soul of the house. Karishma asks her not to pretend the love for Rishi, when she has put him into troubles.


She tells that the family is crying for Rishi, all because of Lakshmi. She adds that the family doesn’t need Lakshmi’s help. Lakshmi promises that she will free Rishi. Karishma asks how will she do this. She asks Lakshmi to do as she/Karishma tells her, if she fails to keep her word. Lakshmi agrees to her. Ayush asks Karishma will she do what Lakshmi asks her to do, when Lakshmi frees Rishi. He tells that the deal should be fair. Karishma asks him to shut up. Ayush tells that she is wrong. Lakshmi asks him not to argue with his mom. Karishma gets more upset that Lakshmi made her son against.

Ayush finds Shalu cooking in the kitchen. He feels happy. He flirts with Shalu. She is happy with his attention. They both like each other. He tells that she can come home and make food for him when Lakshmi isn’t at home. He asks how much salary will she take. She runs to beat him. They run to Lakshmi and complain about each other. Lakshmi asks him why does he always hurt Karishma. He tells that Karishma doesn’t have any license to hurt Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks him to never talk rudely. Shalu and Ayush’s funny banter cheers up Lakshmi. Lakshmi realizes that there is definitely something brewing between them. Ayush takes care of Shalu. Sonia finds them happy together. She wants to stop Ayush from falling for Shalu. Malishka and Kiran lay a trap for Rishi, to make him away from Lakshmi. Can Lakshmi find the truth and save Rishi? Keep reading.

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