Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2022 Written Update Plan for Pranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2022 Written Update Plan for Pranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2022 Written Update Plan for Pranbir Prachi is testing Ranbir’s feelings. She makes a witty plan to know if Ranbir loves her or not. She is sure that Ranbir has feelings for her, but he is denying it due to his adamancy over Sid’s matter. Prachi and Shahana really enjoy the drama when they deliberately pull Ranbir’s leg and trouble him. Aaliya plans to shift Mihika to some other place, while Sid spies on her to know the location. Sid approaches Prachi to take her help in saving Mihika. Prachi assures that she will save Mihika at any cost. Sid and Prachi discuss their plan about saving Mihika, when Ranbir reaches them and grows insecure seeing their bonding, without any formal denial like before. will Prachi’s plan to save Mihika, and then convince Ranbir about the truth succeed? Keep reading.

Earlier on the show, Aaliya meets Rhea. Rhea looks worried. Aaliya asks her the reason. Rhea tells about Vandy’s statement, that Dida hates her a lot. She tells what shocking thing Vandy told her. Aaliya can’t believe that Dida has spiked the water. Rhea tells that she believes Vandy. Aaliya doesn’t believe it. She asks Rhea to not take this seriously. Rhea tells that Dida is crossing her limits. She wants to put Dida in her hit list. Aaliya asks her not to get confused, Vandy and Dida are trying to scare her and make her lose focus. She asks her to give them a reply in their style. Rhea agrees. She tells that she is Rhea, she will not spare them.

Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2022 Written Update Plan for Pranbir:


Sid and Shahana ask Prachi why is she doing this. Prachi tells that Shahana feels bad when she tells something about Ranbir. She sees Ranbir and appears happy. She tells that she just said Sid is looking cute, Sid got shy and left. He asks her if she has complimented Sid, who doesn’t deserve it. Aryan tells that Sid looks handsome and sweet. Ranbir asks him to go and kiss Sid if he wants. Prachi asks him why is he angry, Sid is really good. She tells that she is really happy. She thanks him for convincing her for the engagement. She asks him to give her compliments.

He asks her why is she so happy with her engagement. She tells that he commanded her to get engaged. He asks her not to appear happy, he is hurt. She asks why is he hurt. He tells that she will be hurt later on. She laughs and asks are you jealous. Aryan excuses himself. Ranbir asks him to just stay back. Aryan runs away. Prachi asks Ranbir to answer her. She teases Ranbir and tells that there isn’t anything on his face, maybe some lights shadow. She asks him to see the decorations. She thinks to fix it. She blames him for spoiling everything. He asks her to fix everything.

They have a moment. On the other hand, Aaliya and Rhea go to meet Vandy and teach her a lesson. Dida tells that Rhea would have told everything to Aaliya. Vandy tells that she has grown up having desi ghee, she will handle them. Rhea and Vandy get into an argument. Aaliya asks Vandy not to use her mind and get after Rhea. Aaliya tells that she understands what Vandy is trying to do. Dida asks her to apologize to Vandy. Aaliya tells that even Vandy should apologize to them. She tells that Vandy told Rhea that Dida doesn’t like her. Dida tells that she really hates them. Aaliya tells that Prachi will get married to Sid and leave, Rhea will stay at home. She asks Vandy not to do anything stupid. Vandy taunts Aaliya and Rhea for their misbehavior.

Vandy scolds Aaliya until the moment Vikram comes. Vandy pretends to be blessing Aaliya in front of him. Aaliya gets angry on Vandy. She tells that Vandy won’t stay in the house for long. Vandy tells Dida that she will make Aaliya and Rhea out. Ranbir and Prachi get into a moment. He thinks what is he doing when he forced Prachi to marry, and now he wants her to stop the marriage. Prachi wants Ranbir to tell her that he can’t live without her. She doesn’t want to spare him. Ranbir asks what will she do. She asks how did he know that she is planning to do something. He asks what will she do to fix the decoration.

She tells that she fixed it. He asks her to come down, because she is going to fall. She tells that she didn’t fall down. She asks how is she looking. He tells hat she looks terrible. She taunts him again. Ranbir follows her and tells that he wants to tell her that she looks beautiful. He just loves her. Prachi and Shahana see Ranbir looking for Prachi. Prachi tells that he looks handsome. She asks what is Rhea doing. They see Rhea bringing Pallavi ahead. Rhea tells that Pallavi is really happy, she looks stressed sometimes, but today Pallavi is happy within. Sid tells Vandy that Rhea is going to do something. Rhea tells that Pallavi is a fantastic dancer, Pallavi will dance to celebrate happiness.

Ranbir finds Prachi giving a fake smile. Pallavi and Vikram give a performance. Ranbir finds Prachi leaving. He stops her and takes her for a romantic dance performance. He asks her why was she running away. She tells that she wasn’t running away. She asks why isn’t he happy. He tells that she is looking bad. She calls him jealous. He tells that he isn’t jealous of her, she doesn’t look good than him. Prachi leaves from there. Ranbir is affected by her attitude. Dida realizes that Prachi is having a plan. Shahana confirms that this engagement is going to be fake. Aaliya hears this and is stunned.

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