Kundali Bhagya Promo Arjun exposed 3rd October 2022

Kundali Bhagya Promo Arjun exposed 3rd October 2022

Kundali Bhagya Promo Arjun exposed 3rd October 2022 Prithvi plays the video on the screen to expose Arjun Survanshi’s plan with Raja’s gang. He tells the Luthras that Arjun is the one who plotted Rishabh’s accident. Rishabh, Preeta, Mahesh and Rakhi are super shocked when Prithvi presents the evidence against Arjun. Preeta asks Arjun how dare he conspire to kill her husband. She declares that Arjun’s relation with Luthras is over. She reprimands him for his evil plotting. Rishabh is speechless. Karan worries on getting his truth exposed before initiating his plan against Rishabh. Keep reading for more news.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho:

Dev is worried thinking Vidhi is getting infatuated to him. He makes it clear to Amba that he doesn’t love her. Amba fumes in anger. She goes to Vidhi and gives her a challenge. She asks Vidhi to prove her feelings for Dev. She tells that if Dev doesn’t come in the party, then it will be meaningless. She gives the responsibility to Vidhi to convince Dev. She asks Vidhi if she can get Dev. Vidhi gets worried. Dev talks to Satyavati about his sisters. He tells that Priya has changed a lot because of Amba.


He gives the credit to Amba, that Priya has turned sweet and loving the family members. He doesn’t think Priya’s change is genuine. Priya shocks them by telling that she will visit the temple with them. Vidhi’s growing feelings becomes a matter of concern for Dev. He knows Vidhi would be waiting for him, but he has to get detached without hurting her. Dev’s family visits Vidhi for the function. Vidhi waits for Dev, who doesn’t come. Satyavati learns about Dev and Vidhi’s bonding. She doesn’t look pleased. Dev finds ways to upset Vidhi and end her budding feelings. Amba targets Vidhi.


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