Swaran Ghar 4th October 2022 Written Update Ajit exits

Swaran Ghar 4th October 2022 Written Update Ajit exits

Swaran Ghar 4th October 2022 Written Update Ajit exits Swaran meets Arjun at his office. He tells that he is RJ Tanha right now. He asks her to go live on the show. She tells that she can’t do this. He gives her a name, RJ Aarzoo. He goes live on the show and introduces the special guest RJ Aarzoo. He asks her to just talk and not think of anything else. Arjun helps Swaran convey his feelings to Ajit. Ajit hears Tanha’s show and hears Swaran’s voice. She loses fear and speaks out her feelings for Ajit. She tells that the relations get complicated when we don’t want to understand a simple thing. Ajit thinks she is going to confess her love for Arjun in front of the entire world.

Swaran admits that she has feelings of love for her friend. She asks is it wrong to fall in love in this age. Ajit switches off the radio. Arjun applauds Swaran. She wants to get away. He lets her connect with the listeners who support her love story at her age. Ajit talks to his children. Jai tells Ankita that something has happened, that Ajit isn’t sharing his feelings. Swaran wakes up in the morning and gets worried for Ajit. She gets the newspaper cuttings. Bebe doesn’t want Swaran to see the documents given by Rajeshwari. She pretends a muscle catch and distracts Swaran.

She wants to tell Swaran about Arjun’s proposal. Swaran gets Anisha’s call and tells about Vikram engaged in work. She finds Anisha crying. She wants Vikram to apologize to the women and realize his mistake from his heart. Arjun meets Swaran and Bebe. He tells that he doesn’t want Swaran to get tangled in any dilemma. Swaran tells that she is worried for Anisha. Bebe calls Ajit. Ajit overhears Arjun assuring Swaran that he will bail out Vikram and handle everything. Swaran thanks him. Arjun always wants to stand for her. Ajit regrets that he isn’t needed in Swaran’s life. He decides to leave from Swaran’s life. Ajit misunderstands Swaran. Arjun bails out Vikram. Vikram gets angered seeing Swaran. She asks him to talk to Anisha.


Vikram turns deaf ears and leaves. Arjun finds her sons weird. She tells that she has to talk to Ajit. He tells that she needs Ajit, who understands her well. Swaran calls Ajit. Dhillo takes the call. He asks about Ajit. He informs that Ajit left for Delhi. Swaran realizes that Ajit is leaving. She tells Arjun that Ajit is going to Delhi. Arjun rushes her to the bus station. Ajit recalls his love for Swaran. He remembers his promise to her. Swaran reaches the bus station and searches for Ajit. She learns that the bus already left for Delhi. She regrets that she didn’t get a chance to talk to Ajit.

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