Rajjo 5th October 2022 Upcoming Arjun Rajjo marriage

Rajjo 5th October 2022 Upcoming Arjun Rajjo marriage

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Rajjo 5th October 2022 Upcoming Arjun Rajjo marriage Vicky gets exposed in front of Rajjo and Arjun. He kidnaps Rajjo and takes her for the forced marriage. Vicky and his friends don’t let Manorama know about the kidnapping. Rajjo tries hard to make a sound and get saved. Nanku Kaka is also outside the house, but fails to see them. Vicky takes her to the car. He tries to forcibly fill the sindoor in her hairline. Arjun reaches there in time and stops Vicky. He rebukes Vicky for being a human trafficker. He punches Vicky’s face. Arjun and Vicky get into a huge fight. Arjun asks him how dare he think of ruining Rajjo’s life.

He threatens of killing Vicky. He tells that he has learnt his entire truth, he won’t let him marry Rajjo at any cost. Arjun saves Rajjo from Vicky. Later, Rajjo is seen barging into Arjun’s house in the middle of his marriage function. She stops his marriage, while declaring that Arjun is her husband. This comes as a huge shocker for Arjun’s family. Even Arjun appears enraged. Arjun saves Rajjo every time and becomes an angelic figure for her. He steps into her life as a friend, but the circumstances bound them into a relation of marriage. Arjun’s life changes with Rajjo’s disclosure. Rajjo believes in the marriage, unlike Arjun, who begins to hate Rajjo for ruining his life. The marriage track will bring love and hate moments between Arjun and Rajjo. Arjun will be seen supporting Rajjo’s dreams of becoming an athlete by protecting her from the opposing world. Keep reading.

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