Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th October 2022 Upcoming Prisha’s test

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th October 2022 Upcoming Prisha's test

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th October 2022 Upcoming Prisha’s test Armaan kidnaps Prisha from the hospital. He wants to ruin Rudra’s family. Prisha learns Armaan’s plan and decides to fight him. Prisha rushes to meet Rudra. She realizes how Armaan had drugged her and brainwashes her against Rudra. She tells him that Armaan had shown such bad videos to her that filled hatred in her mind. Rudra tells that Armaan might have morphed his face in the videos. She feels sorry that she trusted Armaan. He tells that Armaan had drugged her for this purpose. He reveals how Armaan fooled them in Sania’s murder case. He exposes Armaan’s evil lies.

Prisha tells that Armaan played a big game. She feels guilty that she had believed Armaan’s lies. He calls Armaan a really cunning man. He tells that now her memory has come back, they will unite and fight against Armaan. He wants to make sure that Armaan gets jailed. She tells that they have no proof against Armaan. She doesn’t want Armaan to run away. He asks what can they do now. She plans to keep Armaan close to them. She tells that she will go back to Armaan. She meets Armaan and shows her concern to him.

Armaan asks her why did she ask the nurse about her husband Rudra. Armaan stay worried and suspects Prisha. Digvijay asks Armaan to be happy that Prisha didn’t get her memory till now. Armaan tells Digvijay that Prisha regained her memory, she is just acting in front of him. He finds a way to check her memory. He takes her to the jewellery store to buy the bridal jewellery for her. He checks Prisha’s reaction. Prisha stays calm and plays along to fool Armaan. Will Prisha get caught while exposing Armaan? Will she fall in a bigger trouble? Keep reading.


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