Bhagya Lakshmi 7th October 2022 Written Update Rishmi win

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th October 2022 Written Update Rishmi win

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Bhagya Lakshmi 7th October 2022 Written Update Rishmi win Malishka tells that Lakshmi has ruined her game. She gets frustrated that even Balwinder is useless, he isn’t able to help her. She wants to find out if he got the pendrive. She hates Lakshmi for changing her so much. Rishi arrives home happily. Lakshmi tells that Neelam will be much happy seeing him. Rishi tells that she thinks a lot for his family. She jokes that she doesn’t think about him. He holds her hand and takes her home. Virender feels happy and blesses their jodi, that they love each other.

He knows Lakshmi is the best wife and best bahu. Neelam keeps the food ready. She asks the servant to serve everything on the table. Servant compliments her soft-hearted nature. Karishma tells that she also understands Neelam’s real self, Neelam loves the family a lot. Neelam tells that she can’t tolerate anything wrong happening with her children. Karishma asks her to come out and see Rishi. Neelam asks if Rishi has come. She runs to welcome him with the aarti plate.

Neelam performs the aarti at the door step and then welcomes Rishi. Karishma taunts Lakshmi. Neelam gets emotional seeing Rishi. He tells that he has come back home, he is fit and fine, he has stayed well in the jail. He asks her not to cry. She asks him why did he go if he cares for her happiness so much. Dadi asks Neelam to celebrate happiness that her son has come back home. Neelam hugs Rishi. Dadi asks Neelam to give a hug to Virender also. Virender tells that Lakshmi has got Rishi freed. Dadi hugs Lakshmi. She blesses her. She tells that Lakshmi should get many hugs, she has brought much happiness.

Ayush and Shalu hug Lakshmi. Karishma asks Ayush to stop it. Virender asks her to stop it. He tells that Basu and Lakshmi have convinced the judge for Rishi’s bail, because Lakshmi was ready to get jailed again for Rishi’s sake. He asks her to understand. Neelam tells that she doesn’t want to argue, she wants to be with her son. She adds that she has made Rishi’s favorite dishes. Rishi goes to freshen up. Dadi asks Lakshmi to go after Rishi and romance. Lakshmi asks what is she saying. She feels shy. Dadi orders her to go. Ayush tells that nobody can get against Dadi’s orders, he can hug Shalu if Dadi wants. Shalu asks Lakshmi to go and help Rishi.

Dadi happily asks Lakshmi to romance Rishi. Malishka wants Balwinder’s reply. He calls her to inform that he got the pendrive. Karishma goes to take the call. Malishka stops her from seeing Balwinder’s name. Karishma tells that Rishi has come back home. She hugs Malishka. She asks her to go to meet Rishi. Malishka is sure to win Rishi. After Karishma leaves, Malishka talks to Balwinder. He tells her about the pendrive. Karishma comes back to ask if she was talking to Kiran. Malishka asks why did she come back. Karishma asks her to inform Kiran about Rishi.

Balwinder wants money from Malishka. Malishka calls up Kiran to give the good news that Rishi is back form the jail. Kiran asks how did this happen. She asks her to win Rishi’s heart and make him a shield for her before she gets exposed. Malishka tells that she will win Rishi, she will make sure that she succeeds this time. Shalu calls up Bani and informs that Rishi is back home. Bani is really happy. She tells Rano that Rishi got freed. Rano wonders if Balwinder got caught. Bani tells that Rishi got free on bail. Malishka and Shalu come across and get into an argument. They rush to meet Rishi. They meet Rishi. Shalu badly taunts Malishka.

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