Kumkum Bhagya News 11th October 2022 Spoilers

Kumkum Bhagya News 11th October 2022 Spoilers

Kumkum Bhagya News 11th October 2022 Spoilers Pallavi tells Prachi that she has got an outfit for her mehendi ceremony. She adds that there is Diwali in few days and then Prachi’s marriage immediately after that. Prachi appears upset. Ranbir is at the door. He overhears them. Aryan suggests Ranbir a way to stop the marriage. Ranbir tells that he can’t try such a thing. Aryan asks him to just execute the plan or lose Prachi to Sid, the marriage will happen. Ranbir is seen in dilemma over Aryan’s proposal plan.

Imlie talks of Atharva’s feelings. Atharva doesn’t think he likes Imlie. He is confused over his feelings. He tells Bua that he likes Chini, but he isn’t Chini’s choice. He feels jealous seeing Chini with someone else. Bua asks him how will he keep Imlie happy when Chini is in his heart. She advises him not to marry Imlie. He tells that he will marry Imlie for the sake of his family. She asks what about Imlie’s happiness. Imlie prays for Atharva.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein:


Virat tells Savi that she looks like a princess. She tells that she doesn’t know when will her dad come. He tells that her choice is good. Sai gets helpless. She can’t tell Savi that her dad has arrived. She gets emotional seeing Virat with Savi. She wishes happy anniversary to Virat and his wife Pakhi. She allows Savi to attend the wedding anniversary party.


Anupama gets a letter when she reaches home. She gets frustrated. She screams out and cries. Anupama faces an emotional breakdown. Anuj wants Anupama to vent out her frustration. Anuj becomes her sole support in the tough moment. Paritosh promises the family that he will become a good person and return home. He tells Pari that he will miss her the most. Vanraj advices Paritosh to keep the feeling as his strength and realization. Paritosh tells that he will start a new life. He makes an apology to Kinjal. He is grateful that she has given him a chance to become a good dad. He promises of becoming a good human being.


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