Sasural Simar Ka 10th October 2022 Written Update Simar in danger

Sasural Simar Ka 10th October 2022 Written Update Simar in danger

Sasural Simar Ka 10th October 2022 Written Update Simar in danger Badimaa feels proud of Simar. She tells that the entire family is blessed to get Simar in their lives. They all thank Simar and give her a Devi place. Simar feels lucky to get a family like them. She tells that they are her courage. She takes care of Aditi and Gagan’s daughter. Badimaa tells that Simar is the baby’s Godmother now. She gives the first right of baby’s naming ceremony to Simar. Aarav suggests Simar that she should also get a mother’s role, that suits her. Vivaan teases Aarav. Chaya isn’t able to enter the house because of the puja threads. She decides to talk to Rudra. Sadhvi performs the puja to protect the family.

Badimaa thanks her. She asks if the family has overcome the tough times. Sadhvi asks her to always light the Akhand Jyot to keep the evil powers away. Badimaa asks her if the family is free from every threat. Sadhvi tells Badimaa that she is afraid for Simar, whose life is threatened owing to many enemies. Rudra doesn’t find the locket anywhere. He tells that Yaksh Sabha will kill their mother, and also them if they don’t find the locket. He gets mad at Simar.

He wants the powerful locket back. Kamakshi tells Mayakshi and Rudra that Simar has that locket. Simar isn’t aware that she has the locket with her. Simar tells Gudiya that she will protect her. Kamakshi summons Chaya and punishes her for the failure. They want Chaya to go home and get the locket from Simar. Chaya tells that she can’t stay in the house for long. She asks Rudra how did he spare Simar. Rudra regrets that Simar got saved. He asks Reema to just help him get the locket.


Chaya tells that she can’t enter Simar’s room and reach her. Kamakshi hurts Chaya. She asks Chaya to just get what they want. Aarav makes a special plan to surprise Simar. He sees Simar behind. She asks about the surprise. He tells that he has to go somewhere. He behaves weird while hiding about the surprise. She doesn’t find him okay. She tells that she wanted to spend time with him, but he is so unromantic. He asks her to please understand. She turns angry. He sings a song to please her. Aarav and Simar romance. He rushes away for his big surprise. Simar gets to see the locket, but misses it.

Chaya meets Simar and shows a cute diffuser. She realizes that she won’t get affected by any thread if she keeps the diffuser in Simar’s room. Simar asks Reema to come inside the house. Chaya tells that she has to remove the negativity from Simar’s room first. She succeeds to enter Simar’s room. Chaya pretends like Reema, and fools Simar. She asks Simar to get ready for the baby’s naming ceremony. Aarav, Gagan and Vivaan get Simar downstairs for the surprise. Simar gets scared seeing some shadow. The family surprises her. She gets delighted with Aarav’s lovey dovey gesture.

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