Sherdil Shergill 12th October 2022 Raj Manmeet lie exposed

Sherdil Shergill 12th October 2022 Raj Manmeet lie exposed

Sherdil Shergill 12th October 2022 Raj Manmeet lie exposed Raj decides to stay with Manmeet when she asks him to leave soon after the mehendi function. He doesn’t want to return to Nikki. He decides to enjoy Gunjan’s wedding when he finds an emotional Manmeet thanking him. Manmeet doesn’t want any troubles for Raj and asks him to leave at the earliest to avoid her family. Manmeet gets a shocker when Raj’s parents grace the wedding. Manmeet is more shocked when she learns that Raj’s alliance has come for her. She soon faces Raj’s parents. Raj and Manmeet get scared that their lies will get exposed. The truth comes out in front of Bhairav in a dramatic way. He learns that Raj has a child, and a family. He can’t believe this.

Manmeet tells her family that Bhairav’s son Prince is already sitting in front of them, that’s Rajkumar. She tells that Raj is Bhairav’s son, he belongs to a super-rich family. The twist of fate shocks them. Ajeet didn’t think Raj is so rich. Manmeet tells that Raj’s parents have left in anger. Raj is speechless. Puneet asks Raj why didn’t he tell them before. Bua ji is happy that Manmeet and Raj will get married again. Raj wants to talk to his parents once. Gunjan’s in-laws are glad to know that Raj is Bhairav’s son Prince.

They have their personal agenda behind the alliance. Raj fees frustrated. Manmeet apologizes to him. Raj and Manmeet get into an argument when they get panicking in fear. She asks him why didn’t he go home when she told him to go. Bhairav is shocked to know that Raj already had a child with Manmeet, and kept this a secret. Ajeet and Puneet go to meet Raj’s parents, who still can’t accept Raj’s relation with Manmeet. Raj and Manmeet also reach Bhairav to talk. He decides to tell the truth to his dad.



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