Sasural Simar Ka 18th October 2022 Written Update Simar attacked

Sasural Simar Ka 18th October 2022 Written Update Simar attacked

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Sasural Simar Ka 18th October 2022 Written Update Simar attacked Reema encourages Simar to win. Vivaan tells that love will win as always. Simar is moved by the scary nightmare. Vivaan asks Simar to go and wish Aarav. Simar runs to her room and meets Simar. She finds him sleeping. She reads his wonderful love note and gets delighted. She finds his Mauli thread broken. She gets worried seeing the threads broken which were tied to protect the entire room. She comes across Mayakshi and gets fooled. Simar finds the threads broken inside the entire house. She worries that Rudra and his family can enter the house. Mayakshi has Simar’s locket too. She wonders what would Simar do now.

She doesn’t want to lose this chance. Simar gets scared for the family’s life. Kamakshi awaits Simar at the door and wants to kill her. Mayakshi enters Simar’s room and takes control of Aarav’s mind. She decides to take Aarav with her, to make him away from Simar forever. Mayakshi stares at Aarav. Kamakshi attacks Simar. She doesn’t want Simar to go towards the temple. Simar prays to Matarani to calm her heart. She doesn’t know why she got that bad dream. She wants to protect her family. She asks Matarani to hold her hand and help her. Simar takes Matarani’s trishul in her hand. Kamakshi steps back. She doesn’t know how Simar finds a way always.

Simar locks the door and places the trishul to bolt it. She is sure that evil spirits can’t enter the house now. She looks for her locket. Mayakshi wants Aarav to see Simar in her, and become of her. She wakes up Aarav. He visualizes Simar in her. He asks Simar why didn’t she sleep. Mayakshi fools him. She takes him with her. Kamakshi reaches close to Simar and plans the attack again. She uses all her powers to kill Simar. Mayakshi takes Aarav to show the surprise which was planned by Simar. He likes the beautiful surprise. She tells that she wanted to make their bonding stronger and make a new start. She romances Aarav. Simar shouts for help. Kamakshi wants Simar to suffer. Badimaa comes downstairs with the spiritual beads string.

Kamakshi attacks Badimaa as well. The beads fall down from Badimaa’s hands. Badimaa is shocked to see Simar choked. Simar prays to Matarani to save herself and her family. The beads reach Kamakshi and break her evil powers. Simar falls down. Kamakshi gets away. Simar tells Badimaa that someone was suffocating her to kill her. Badimaa asks who was there. Simar wants to see if the danger is still residing in the house. Badimaa asks servant to find out the intruder. Badimaa believes that Simar is the shield of the house. She supports Simar. She ties the Matarani chunri to Simar. Simar remembers that Mayakshi is chasing Aarav. She runs to meet Aarav. Simar looks for Aarav, who is with Mayakshi.

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