Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2022 Written Update Rhea in danger

Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2022 Written Update Rhea in danger

Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2022 Written Update Rhea in danger Sid and Shahana ask Aryan to drive the car well. Aryan tells that he makes the car a jet plane. Sid asks Aryan to slow down. Aryan checks the brakes. He tells that there is some problem, the car isn’t slowing down, the brakes aren’t working. She thinks he is joking. Sid gets worried. He believes Aryan. Aryan tries hard to save them from an accident. Aaliya makes prayers for Aryan and Rhea, who are her real family. She falls down and gets mad at the guests. She tells that Aryan and Rhea can die. She asks them for Rhea. She asks the goon if Aryan drove the black car.

Goon tells that he didn’t identify her son, but yes, Aryan was driving the car, he was wearing cream colour clothes. She says she will call, try and save Aryan. She also asks him to go and find Rhea, make sure that she is aware from the fire. She calls Aryan. She sees Rhea going outside. She runs after Rhea. Shahana answers Aaliya’s call. Aryan tells that he won’t answer his mom’s call. He asks Shahana not to scold him. Sid asks them to stop fighting. Aaliya wishes Aryan and Rhea stay safe.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir thanks Neha for awakening the real Prachi. He goes to see Prachi. Aaliya looks for Aryan. She tells that Aryan doesn’t listen to her. Pallavi meets her and tells that she has made a big mistake. Aaliya complains about Aryan, who doesn’t listen to her at all. Pallavi tells that Aryan is a responsible person, he was helping people and driving the black car to park it away from the crackers point. Aaliya grows worried. Pallavi then shocks her by revealing about the dupatta swap. She asks why was Rhea wearing Prachi’s dupatta. Aaliya can’t believe this blunder. Pallavi asks her what happened. Aaliya rushes to save Rhea and Aryan.


Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2022 Written Update Rhea in danger:

Ranbir asks Prachi is she jealous. She asks him to stop acting kiddish. He tells that he has no ego, but just love. He wants Prachi to come to him. She catches him and asks him not to anger her, she has mood swings because of hormonal changes. She asks him not to smile when she fights with him. He tells that he likes it when she fights, she looks cute. He tells her that their fight won’t end this way, he loves her and can tolerate her anger. He asks her if she remembers their first Diwali. She tells that she doesn’t remember anything. He calls out Neha when she stops him. She tells that he won’t see Neha, because she gets angry. He laughs seeing her jealousy. He asks her to say the truth. They have a moment. Rhea watches them from far. Prachi finds Rhea near the fire, and runs to hug Rhea. She protects Rhea, while Rhea tries to harm Prachi, by burning her dupatta.

Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2022 Written Update Rhea in danger

Aaliya gets scared for Rhea and takes her away. Prachi is left puzzled. Aaliya saves Rhea’s dupatta from catching the fire. Aryan tells that the car isn’t stopping or slowing down. He asks Shahana and Sid to pray for a miracle. He hits the car somewhere and gets saved. He tells that its Aaliya’s car, she will not spare him now. Aryan calls Aaliya to inform about the accident. Rhea gets mad at Aaliya and asks why did she stop her from burning Prachi. Aaliya slaps her. She tells that Rhea’s dupatta would have got burnt, her dupatta is filled with explosives. Rhea gets scared and throws off the dupatta. Aaliya asks Rhea to understand what she was going to explain her. Aaliya makes it clear to Aaliya.

Aryan informs Aaliya about the accident. He tells that the car is in bad condition after the accident. She tells that its okay. She asks about Sid. Aryan asks her if she has seen them leaving. She tells that she has seen them. She asks Aryan to come back home. He apologizes to her. He tells that Aaliya didn’t tell him anything after the car accident. Shahana tells that its strange. Rhea argues with Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to relax, the dupatta will not burn unless it comes in contact with fire. Rhea can’t believe the danger. Aaliya tells that they have to make a new plan now to kill Prachi. Rhea tells that Prachi is an emotional fool. Ranbir finds Prachi worries. Prachi is occupied with Rhea’s thoughts.

Ranbir asks her to not forget that she is pregnant. He tells that he will not forgive her if anything happens to the baby. He tells that he cares for her a lot. She knows that he loves her and cares for her a lot. She breaks down. She hugs him. They come in Pallavi’s sight. Aaliya asks Rhea to wear the dupatta, and not feel scared of fire, nothing will happen to her. Aaliya tells that they will go to Prachi and exchange the dupatta. Rhea asks what will they tell Prachi.

Aaliya tells Rhea that she will exchange the dupatta by making an excuse. Rhea likes her plan. Prachi wonders why is Rhea smiling. Rhea takes the ketchup to spill over Prachi’s dress, but Ranbir comes in the nick of time and saves Prachi. They both have an eyelock, which angers Rhea. Pallavi doesn’t like Ranbir and Prachi’s romance. She summons Ranbir for a talk. Ranbir goes to meet Pallavi. Prachi advises Rhea not to play dirty games with her. Rhea tells that Ranbir and Prachi always come close. Aaliya tells Rhea that Sid’s plan flopped, Aryan was with Sid. Rhea grows worried.

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  1. It seems rhea n alliya is the leadcoz they are always saved from their own evil criminal plans.plus God is always protect and safeguard criminals n evil pp in This Show.Prachi is always a fool when it comes to Rhea her sister.Prachi go dead saving criminal Rhea.Now ranbir will listen to mummy pallavi n let sid n Prachi marry.
    Sid n Shannah are two fully idiots that none of them can figure out alliya tried to kill sid.end this waste of time show

  2. Fed up fed up of this shit story n serial.aryan and rhea were in danger but yet in one day the danger was over n they saved.but with Prachi n ranbir problems n danger looming over them for weeks MTHS n yes but yet nothing good happening to them.Alliya n rhea committing all the crimes n conspiracies but when they pray to God they getting blessed n protected but not the innocent God fearing one like Prachi this show is promoting crimes hypocrites n mocking God and Religion.Evil Sins n Crimes are all accepted n forgiven by God coz God love sinners n criminals alone not his devotees .Disgusting show.


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