Kundali Bhagya 20th October 2022 Written Update Karan wins

Kundali Bhagya 20th October 2022 Written Update Karan wins

Kundali Bhagya 20th October 2022 Written Update Karan wins Karan hinds Rishabh and Preeta’s moment. He takes the servant’s disguise to feed the food to Preeta. He tells that he just wants to serve each and every guest who has come to the palace. He lies that he is indebted to the family. He asks Preeta to taste the food and tell him how is it. He hands over the food to her, and she eats it. Karan gets glad that Preeta broke the fast by eating the food given by him. Later, Shekhar tells Arjun that he has come to tell something personally, he really liked Arjun’s proposal, but doesn’t know how will he tell this to Rishabh. He tells that it’s a problem, he can’t reject Rishabh’s proposal outrightly. Karan tells that he will give the news to Rishabh.

Earlier in the show, Arjun narrates the entire incident to Anjali over call. He adds that he saved Preeta’s life, he will do wrong with Rishabh and Preeta, he will hurt them and ruin their lives, he won’t let anyone else hurt them or ruin their lives. Karan decides to not let Preeta complete the rituals with Rishabh. He wants Preeta to be his wife and complete the rituals in his presence. He learns that the dinner is ready. Karan asks Maasa if dinner is sent to everyone. Radhika asks if he is asking about Rishabh and Preeta. Maasa tells that Rishabh should feed the food to Preeta by his hands. Karan wants to feed Preeta by his hands, but feels its really impossible. He gets an idea of taking a disguise. He pays a man and gets a waiter’s costume. Karan takes disguise and gets the food plate to take to Preeta’s room.

Kundali Bhagya 20th October 2022 Written Update Karan wins:


Karan takes the food plate for Preeta. Radhika stops him and asks him to take a glass of juice as well. Rishabh tells Preeta that he got the medicines for her. He asks her to have the medicines. She tells that she didn’t eat anything since morning, she can’t take medicines on an empty stomach. He tells that he will arrange the food for her. He asks her to see, the moon is looking really beautiful. Preeta sees the moon and remembers Karan. Karan reaches there and tells that he has got the food sent by her husband. She thinks Rishabh has sent the food.

She asks him to keep it, she can’t eat the food until her husband feeds it to her. Karan asks her what does she mean, can’t she eat it on own, is her husband an angry person to scold her. She tells that she kept the fast for her husband. She asks him to leave. Rishabh comes. She tells that the food has come. Rishabh asks her to have the food. He gets a call. Karan insists Preeta to taste the food and say if its good. He breaks her fast and makes her eat the food. He happily smiles and leaves. Rishabh finishes the call, and gives company to Preeta. Karan imagines Preeta with him.

Shekhar meets Arjun and asks was he waiting for someone else. Shekhar tells that he made a big mistake to keep the meeting today by going against Maasa, but they couldn’t do any work. He tells that he liked his proposal a lot, but he has to tell this to Rishabh as well. He adds that he will make it clear to Rishabh in their next meeting. Karan thanks him. He tells that he will take everything back from Rishabh. Rishabh tells Shekhar that he has to take Preeta to Mumbai for her checkup, he can’t take any risk. Radhika asks Preeta if anything went wrong. Preeta apologizes to them.

She tells that its her mistake. Rishabh tells that it was just an accident, she shouldn’t blame herself. Karan intervenes and tells that its Rishabh’s mistake, he should have been little more careful. Preeta defends Rishabh who did his best to save her. Rishabh asks Arjun does he want to hear anything else. Preeta and Rishabh thank Maasa and take a leave. Karan tells that it was a coincidence that they met on the eve of Karwachauth, he knows Preeta well, he wins someone’s heart and trust easily. He asks Shekhar not to think it’s a family get together, it’s a business meeting. Rishabh doesn’t think Arjun knows Preeta a bit. He apologizes to Maasa and Shekhar. He makes a leave with his wife.

Karan asks Shekhar not to mind Rishabh and his argument. He also leaves. Karan comes back home and surprises Anjali. She tells that she was missing him a lot. She guesses that his day went well. He tells that the day was spent good, there is another meeting and then the deal will be locked. She asks him why is he so happy if the deal isn’t locked, is there anything about Preeta. He shares his happiness. He tells her that he broke Preeta’s fast, he fed her the sweets by his hands. She is shocked that he is happy just because he broke Preeta’s fast. He tells that he remembers everything. He promises to snatch Rishabh’s every deal. She tells that she will go office early and line the meetings.

Shrishti runs to the door to welcome Preeta and Rishabh home. Rakhi tells that she had called them many times. She blesses them. She tells that she had kept a gift for Preeta. Preeta asks her to not worry about the gift. Rakhi tells that gifts add fun in the festive. Preeta appears worried to Shrishti. She tells Shrishti whatever happened at the palace. She asks Shrishti not to tell anything to Rakhi. Rakhi hopes that Preeta likes the gift. Shrishti thinks Arjun is mysterious, why does Arjun want to ruin Preeta and Rishabh’s Karwachauth. Prithvi pacifies Sherlyn who is hell bent to get her revenge on Arjun and Rishabh.

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