Yeh Rishta 21st October 2022 Upcoming New storm

Yeh Rishta 21st October 2022 Upcoming New storm

Yeh Rishta 21th October 2022 Upcoming New storm Suwarna breaks the truth to Manish and Dadi that Aarohi is in love with a guy and is keen to marry him soon. Manish enquires about the guy. Suwarna tells them that Aarohi loves Neil, she is mad about him and wants to marry him, despite knowing the clashes and tensions between both the families. This comes as a major shock for the Goenkas, who have to bend down in front of Birlas once again for Aarohi and Neil’s alliance talks. Manish dismisses the alliance, and is against Aarohi’s wish. Aarohi pleads to the family and chants her true love for Neil, while Akshara opposes Aarohi, knowing her evil intentions of just using Neil to gain power in the Birla hospital.

She realizes that Aarohi had been connected to Mahima, and didn’t think even of Kairav. She is hurt that Aarohi isn’t loyal to Neil and anyone from the family. Akshara pledges to stop Aarohi’s marriage. Aarohi asks Suwarna to convince Manish for the aliance. On the other hand, Abhimanyu decides to send Neil abroad to make him away from Aarohi’s love trap. Neil learns about Abhimanyu’s plan and confronts him by showing the foreign hospital’s employment contract which Abhimanyu got for him. Neil refuses to leave the country and Aarohi.

He tells that he also has a right to love, its not just Abhimanyu who holds all the rights in the Birla family. He counts his sacrifices for the family, and expects Abhimanyu to help him. The Birlas are taken aback on knowing that Neil is in love with Aarohi, when Abhimanyu explains Neil that Aarohi can’t be true to anyone. Neil defends his lover and fights the entire family. Parth and Abhimanyu explain him that Aarohi is really selfish, but Neil rebels against them, ending up hurting Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu is troubled by Neil’s outrageous behavior. How will Abhimanyu and Akshara handle this new storm in their lives? Keep reading.


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