Kundali Bhagya 24th October 2022 Written Update Preeran in shock

Kundali Bhagya 24th October 2022 Written Update Preeran in shock

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Kundali Bhagya 24th October 2022 Written Update Preeran in shock Preeta is shocked seeing the news of the terrorist attack. She cries a lot. Rakhi and Mahesh ask her the reason for her tension. Preeta doesn’t answer and faints down. The family worries for Preeta. Mahesh asks Shrishti the matter. Shrishti tells the shocking news that the terrorists have barged into Kavya’s school and held everyone captive. The Luthras are shocked. The police reaches the school to nab the terrorists. Inspector threatens of shooting them. The goon tells that the children are in his captivity. Karan is on the way. He hears the news on a radio channel about the terrorists attack at Kavya’s school. He realizes that the school name mentioned is Kavya’s school. He grows worried for little Kavya, who loves him so much by keeping their friendship a secret from her parents. Karan rushes to the school to save Kavya.

Earlier in the show, Rishabh scolds Sameer and the staff for their negligence. He tells that Arjun isn’t overconfident like them, Arjun deserves the project. He wants his dream project back. He tells that he has worked hard for this project, he will make changes in the project proposal and bag it back from Shekhar. Kavya asks Prithvi to leave her.

She runs to the terrorists to take help. Prithvi hides when he sees the terrorists. Kavya gets into an argument with the terrorists. Teacher secures Kavya and asks her to come with her. Kavya doesn’t stop her mischief and irritates the terrorists. Prithvi finds her daring. The terrorist threatens Kavya. Biji and Janki argue, and seek Preeta’s help. Janki plays the tv., but they miss to see the breaking news of terrorists attack on Kavya’s school.

Kundali Bhagya 24th October 2022 Written Update Preeran in shock:

Kavya argues with the terrorist fearlessly. She tells them about her big accident, how Arjun came running in hero speed and saved her life, he is super powerful. The terrorist hears a sound and goes to check. Kavya tells the teacher that Arjun will come running to save her when he knows she is into trouble. Police enters the school and hides from the terrorists to know about the weapons employed. Inspector points gun at the terrorists, who shock the police by showing the bombs carried in their bags. The terrorists threaten of killing everyone. They leave a smoke bomb and get rid of the police.

Preeta and Shrishti try to sort Biji and Janki’s fight. Preeta is happy that finally they are at peace. Shrishti gets the shocking news of the terrorist attack. She shows the news to Preeta, who madly runs outside to find out the truth. Shrishti tells the news to Biji and Janki. Karan is on the way, and is shocked to hear the terrorists attack news on the radio. He worries for Kavya. Rishabh is busy in his work. He gets the complete project report. He doesn’t let the staff leave. He tells that they will discuss the changes in the proposal, they have to get the project at any cost. His phone rings. He angrily asks them whose phone is it ringing, are they not serious about the meeting. Sameer tells that its his phone.

Rishabh takes the call and is moved on hearing the news. Kareena, Mahesh and Rakhi ask Preeta why is she crying. Preeta faints down without answering them. Shrishti tells them the shocking news, that Kavya’s life is in danger. The family gets Preeta to consciousness. Preeta asks for Kavya. Rakhi tells that they will also accompany Preeta to the school, nothing will happen to Kavya. Raja and Vishnu learn about the attack at the school. Raja tells Vishnu that he loves children a lot, he can’t see them in trouble. He learns about the terrorists.

He tells Vishnu that they met Arjun outside Prithvi’s house after the party, and demanded money, but Arjun didn’t give them any money. The terrorist contacts Raja and Vishnu to seek their help. Raja tells that media and police are standing at the gate, he can’t come inside. The terrorists tells that its his test, he will work with him if he can come inside. Raja asks Vishnu to accompany him inside the school. Anjali calls up Arjun. Karan takes her call and informs about the emergency. Anjali tells that she can’t handle the hyper clients, they will lose the deal and bear a huge loss. He tells that he can’t come right now. She tells that they will be ruined if he doesn’t come.

He yells at her that he is going to Kavya’s school, where the terrorists have attacked. He wonders what Kavya is going through. The family rushes to the school. They worry that they didn’t inform Rishabh about the critical matter. They get stuck in the traffic. Bani gets dizzy. The terrorist decide to fight the police and not flee, when he got a good chance to keep his demands. Kavya asks them to work for her dad if they want money. The terrorist puts tape over her mouth to shut up her nonsense. Raja asks the police to let him go inside, he knows the terrorists. The police catches Raja.

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