Bade Acche Lagte 24th October 2022 Upcoming Spoilers

Bade Acche Lagte 24th October 2022 Upcoming Spoilers

Bade Acche Lagte 24th October 2022 Upcoming Spoilers Ram and Priya make a plan to surprise Pihu. They plan their family time. Vedika is upset with Nandini. She tells that Nandini and Shubham have put the blame on her and didn’t support her. Nandini feels sorry and also grateful that Vedika saved her in front of Ram. She tells that everything is getting finished. Vedika asks her not to give up so soon, because she is the last hope of all of them, they shall achieve what they want. Nandini fears that the money will get locked once it goes into the trust fund. Vedika tells that she has an idea to win this lost game. Priya proposes Ram in front of everyone amidst the Diwali celebration. She asks him can they become a family, and this time forever. Ishaan and Pihu plan a surprise and bring a happy home model. A sudden blast in the little house shocks Ram and Priya.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho:
Vidhi persuades Abhimanyu to meet the clients and investors. She asks him to keep the investors’ faith in Dev’s absence. Abhimanyu is tensed about visiting the office and meeting the investors. He gets convinced by Vidhi just for Dev’s sake. Vidhi thanks Abhimanyu. Yogesh informs Amba about the share market crisis. Amba wonders where did Dev leave. He tells that Dev has sent a note for Satyavati, he wants to stay alone for some time, he doesn’t know about the crisis, he is okay and would be fine by tomorrow. He asks her not to worry. He is hugely surprised to see Abhimanyu coming to the office. Abhimanyu meets the investors.

Vidhi tells the investors that Abhimanyu is the guarantor in Dev’s absence. Yogesh doesn’t think Abhimanyu can handle this crisis. Abhimanyu gets scared of facing the investors and leaves. Vidhi finds Abhimanyu and encourages him by a motivating story of self-belief and confidence. Abhimanyu gains confidence to meet the investors and gives a word of assurance to the investors that their investment is safe. He convinces the angry investors by requesting them to show faith on Dev.



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