Kundali Bhagya 9th November 2022 Written Update Preeta stuns Karan

Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2022 Written Update Risky trap

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Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2022 Written Update Risky trap Karan tells Preeta that he didn’t come inside the school on his own, she is the one who got him inside. Preeta replies that she didn’t ask him to come after her, she has come just for her daughter’s sake. She adds that she can take any risk, and doesn’t care for her life when it comes to Kavya. She goes to find Kavya. Other side, Rishabh comes across Sherlyn, who wants to see Luthras crying.

She tells him that she is the reason for this sorrow, she had cursed him that he loses the one he loves. He loses his cool. She tells that she will pray that nothing happens to his daughter, Kavya comes back to him safely. The terrorists look for the kids. They search the entire school. Prithvi and Karan get caught. Karan apologizes and tells that he came inside the school by mistake, he didn’t want to come. He tells that he will go out and not tell anything to the police. The terrorist threatens him and takes him at gun point.

Earlier in the show, Karan and Preeta look for Kavya. She asks why is he calling out Kavya, if he came for someone else. They see the kids and ask about Kavya. Prithvi finds Preeta and Arjun in the school, and wonders what type of enmity do they have that they are always together. Raja and Vishnu learn that the kids have escaped. Terrorist asks them to find Kavya, who has assisted everyone to escape. Luthras reach the school and argue with the Inspector. Shrishti tries getting an entry inside the school, but gets blocked by the police.

Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2022 Written Update Risky trap:

Preeta and Karan get into an argument while hiding from the terrorists. She tells that she has come for her daughter’s sake, she loves Kavya and doesn’t care for her own life. She asks him to find the person he loves, else leave from the school. He tells that he is going that side to find Kavya. Rishabh asks Sherlyn what is she doing at the school. She tells him that she always thinks of him. He asks her is this time to talk this nonsense. She holds his hand and asks him not to go in the danger zone. He asks her to leave his hand and stay away.

She asks him what went wrong between them, when he wanted to make things in their relation. He tells that his daughter is stuck inside the school, he has to save her. He begs her to not trouble him. She apologizes that she cursed him. She tells that she will pray that his daughter comes back to him safely. He apologizes to him for getting rude to her. She asks him to please accept her. Raja and Vishnu look for the kids. Preeta finds Kavya in the classroom with the other kids and teachers. She hugs Kavya. She asks Kavya is she okay. Kavya asks Preeta why did she come when there are many dangerous people around.

Preeta protects her from the terrorists who look for her. The terrorist tells that he will kill Kavya when he finds her. Preeta asks Kavya not to worry. She looks for Arjun. Kavya tells the kids that Arjun has come to save her, she already told them that her superman will come. Preeta asks her not to make noise. Prithvi curses his life that he always gets trapped in problems. He tells that whatever happens is for the good, he got saved from the terrorists. He gets to see Arjun there. Prithvi thinks of joining hands with the terrorists and take revenge on Arjun. Shrishti argues with the police. Kareena asks her not to do such stunts. Shrishti tells that Kavya is in trouble.

Kareena tells that Kavya is Karan’s daughter, they are also worried for her. Mahesh asks them to not fight and behave themselves. They see Sherlyn arguing with the Inspector. They learn that Rishabh was going inside the school by the back door. She defends Rishabh and surprises the Luthras. She tells them that she really worries for them. The terrorists find Prithvi hiding in the principal’s cabin. Prithvi asks them not to shoot him, because he isn’t their enemy, but their friend. The terrorist asks him who is he, is he a teacher in the school. Prithvi tells that his personality isn’t of a teacher. He angers them by calling them fools, who don’t have any general knowledge. He tells that he holds knowledge and knows that they are terrorists. He lectures them.

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