Anupama Vanraj’s big decision 28th October 2022 Upcoming

Anupama Vanraj's big decision 28th October 2022 Upcoming

Anupama Vanraj’s big decision 28th October 2022 Upcoming Anupama gets irked by Vanraj’s constant calls. She tells him that she will not attend any problems at home, and he has to deal with everything alone. He tells her about Pakhi, but she pays no heed. She enjoys her college life, and also her new romance with Anuj. She thanks Anuj and his family for encouraging her. She tells that she is really lucky. Barkha wonders if Anupama isn’t worried for Pakhi. Anupama tells that she isn’t tired, she will prepare the lunch. She asks Anuj to focus on his work than her. Anuj tells that he was paying attention to his work. She wishes that their Diwali should be the best.

Meanwhile, Adhik meets Pakhi. She tells that she trusts him a lot. Anupama and Anuj get busy with the Diwali preparations. Leela calls up Anupama and summons her home at the earliest. Anupama gets upset. Anuj tells that Leela shouts a lot. He asks Anupama to go to Shah house. Anupama refuses to go. Anuj asks her the reason. Anupama tells that she would go if they call her with love, not with anger. She wishes Vanraj keeps patience. She wants the family to understand that she has different priorities in life, she has her own family now, she wants to celebrate the festival with her family.

She is also worried about Pakhi’s future, and hopes that she will handle things whenever she wants. Anuj calms her down and asks her to go. Vanraj stays worried about Pakhi. Hasmukh calls up Anupama and requests her to come home. Anupama arrives home and meets the Shah family. Vanraj tells her that Barkha had come home to tell them Adhik’s truth. He declares his decision of sending Pakhi out of the city. Pakhi is shocked to learn this, and informs Adhik. Adhik asks Anuj to explain Vanraj, he can’t do this with Pakhi and him. Anuj gets worried seeing the love story taking a different angle.


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