Imlie Chini final move 28th October 2022 Upcomingq

Imlie Chini final move 28th October 2022 Upcoming

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Imlie Chini final move 28th October 2022 Upcoming Rudra blackmails Chini and stops her from marrying Atharv. He asks her to take an advantage of life and business when it gives her a chance. He promises that she can’t spend a lavish life with Atharv. He gives her a chance to accept the bag of cash. Chini doesn’t get convinced when he bribes her with cash. He tells her that his offer isn’t forever, she should either accept the cash or lose out everything. Chini agrees to accept the deal. Rudra snatches the ancestral bangles from her. He asks her to change the bridal dress. He rebukes her for trying to take an advantage of his son. He later threatens her to stay away from Atharv’s life. Atharv and Imlie are about to see each other, but suddenly some armed men create chaos in the wedding.

Atharv finds his bride hurt. Imlie saves Atharv. He sees the bride’s arm shot, and shouts Chini. This shocks Imlie and the family. Atharv worries for Chini. Imlie’s ghunghat gets off, and her presence gets known to Atharv. He also receives a stunning shock on seeing Imlie as his bride. Imlie’s wound gets treated. Imlie tells that its her duty to save Atharv. She questions Atharv about taking Chini’s name. Chini manipulates Atharv. She tells him that Imlie has threatened her. Atharv lacks faith on Imlie, because of Chini and Badimaa’s conspiracy. Imlie asks Atharv if he wants to marry her or not. Badimaa frames Imlie for getting the attackers home. Atharv sees Imlie paying the goons, and gets confused. What will he do now? Keep reading.

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