Kundali Bhagya 31st October 2022 Written Update Karan’s daughter

Kundali Bhagya 31st October 2022 Written Update Karan's daughter

Kundali Bhagya 31st October 2022 Written Update Karan’s daughter The terrorists find Prithvi madly in love with Preeta. The terrorist corners Prithvi and takes him aside to threaten him. He points the knife at Prithvi, saying that he can see Prithvi’s love for Preeta in his eyes, this madness will not work for them, it will put them into trouble. He calls Prithvi a big fool to get trapped in Preeta’s love. He tells that his madness will ruin his plan. He asks his aide to catch Preeta and prepare to send her off. Karan gets into the record room, and comes across Kavya’s school records.

He checks that and learns Kavya’s birthdate. He realizes that the date is exactly five months ahead of the day he left Preeta. He wonders how can this happen, if Kavya is Rishabh’s daughter. He checks further details and reads the father’s name row in the document. He is shocked to read Karan Luthra written in that row. He tells that Kavya is his own daughter, and he didn’t know about this before. A big truth strikes Karan. He gets hell bent to save Kavya at any cost.

Earlier in the show, Sherlyn sees Raja and Vishnu. She asks them what are they doing here when they cheated Prithvi. Raja apologizes and tells that they will help Prithvi. She asks them to help Prithvi in kidnapping Kavya. She tells that nobody can help Luthras this time. The policewoman slides a blade towards Karan. Prithvi comes back to them and tells that he took time to find out the thief. Karan tries to cut off the rope. Prithvi catches the policewoman, and tells that he knows her truth that she is carrying a camera. She lies to him. He asks her not to lie and accept it. He tells that she is an undercover agent sent by the police to expose all of them. Prithvi forces her to give the camera. Karan cuts the rope and then passes the blade to Preeta. Preeta also begins to cut off the rope.


Kundali Bhagya 31st October 2022 Written Update Karan’s daughter:

Prithvi and the terrorists laugh on the lady officer for her brave yet foolish move. He shows the hostages on the camera, and asks inspector if he can see them. Karan and Preeta prepare to cut off the ropes and get free. Prithvi calls the inspector and tells him that he is going to show a shocking sight to them now. He catches the lady officer. He threatens the Inspector. He asks the inspector not to underestimate him. Karan signs Preeta to make a move until the terrorists are busy. Inspector asks Prithvi who informed him about the undercover agent. Rishabh asks Prithvi to spare the children, they aren’t at fault.

He requests the terrorists to not harm the children. He tells that he will not sit quiet if anything happens to the children. Kavya asks Rishabh not to worry, Arjun will save all of them, he is with her. Prithvi asks Rishabh to think well and speak, else his words may trouble his family. Prithvi threatens Rishabh about the family. Rishabh breaks down. He gets back the courage to rush and save his family. Karan snatches the terrorist’ gun and threatens of shooting all of them. He asks them to get back. He takes the guns from their hands.

Karan and the lady officer try to vacate the place, and help everyone save their lives. Prithvi looks for a gun. Karan asks the children to just run outside. Preeta and the children run for their lives. Preeta looks for Kavya. The terrorist laughs on Arjun for showing heroism. Kavya reaches Arjun to support him. Karan asks Kavya to go to her mummy. Kavya asks him to come with her. Terrorist tells that the gun in Arjun’s hand doesn’t have any bullets. He threatens of killing Arjun and Kavya also. Prithvi asks them not to pass time, and just catch them.

Preeta doesn’t find Kavya anywhere. She worries thinking if Kavya is with Arjun. Karan also helps the children hide under the benches. Kavya tells Arjun that she doesn’t want to stay back, she will come with him and get into action. He tells that she is brave and sensible also. The kids complain about Kavya’s mischief. Karan tells that Kavya is smart and responsible. She also complains about a boy. Karan takes Kavya’s side and scolds the boy. He asks Kavya to support him by being with the children, make sure they don’t go out. He tells that he will go and get Preeta. He hugs Kavya and asks her to hide. Preeta gets caught by the terrorists. She asks about her daughter. She cries in front of them. The terrorist tells that Kavya ran away with Arjun. She pleads with them.

Preeta tells that she wants her daughter, she will go with Kavya. The terrorist catches her hand. Karan reaches there and stops when he finds Prithvi protecting Preeta from the terrorists. Prithvi shouts on the terrorists and asks them not to touch Preeta. Terrorist asks him why does he worry for Kavya’s mother. Prithvi tells that he will not tolerate if anyone touches her. Karan gets sure of Prithvi’s presence, when he finds him behaving mad for Preeta. Rishabh bangs the gate. He asks Inspector to open the gate and let him go inside. He asks Inspector what work is he doing. He wants to go inside, because the police isn’t trying anything. Sherlyn asks Rishabh to not go inside.

He asks her to stay away. She shows her fake concern for him. The media covers the news of Rishabh and Sherlyn’s argument. Rishabh asks Sherlyn to just leave. She refuses. He asks her what is her problem. He tells that he has nothing to do with her. She asks the family to explain Rishabh to talk well with her. He asks her to stop troubling him, and not speak to his family. She asks what happened to them that they aren’t supporting her. He tells that they have seen her true face.

She tells that she was his wife in the past. He tells that she was given much respect before, but now she isn’t his wife, so she won’t get that status. She realizes that she isn’t getting the status, but she will do anything to get the respect, she will come back as his wife. The terrorist threatens of shooting Preeta. Prithvi threatens them back. The terrorist ask him why is he worried for Preeta. Prithvi tells that he doesn’t know what happens to him on seeing her, she reminds him about his girlfriend. He asks them to take care of Preeta. He goes away, while Karan intervenes to save Preeta.

Karan tells Preeta that Kavya is safe. He also gets caught. Prithvi gets confronted by the terrorists. He defends his love Preeta, and gets threatened by them. He apologizes. He tells that Preeta is his love since ages, he has a soft corner for her in his heart. Terrorist tells that she can’t get saved if she comes in their way. Prithvi asks him to find a solution, he will not let Preeta come in their way. He asks him to not ill-treat Preeta. The terrorist calls him a big fool to fall for Preeta. Prithvi tells that Preeta is precious for him.

Terrorist asks his aide to leave Preeta free. Prithvi tells that he knows Preeta well, he understands her well, she will not go if they leave her free, she will not move without Kavya. He tells that if they lose Kavya, then it will be a big loss for them. Terrorist decides to leave Preeta free. Karan is kept captive in the record room. Terrorist asks him to not act smart. Karan doesn’t want anything to happen to Preeta and Kavya.

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  1. Have been waiting for the day Karan will know kavya is his daughter…and it is finally here hope the writer will twist the story again


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