Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2022 Written Update Ranbir’s faith

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2022 Written Update Ranbir's faith

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2022 Written Update Ranbir’s faith Aaliya tells Prachi that Rhea won’t undergo any tests. Prachi replies that she won’t marry Sid, if Rhea doesn’t agree for the tests. She asks Rhea why is she scared if she has nothing to hide. She wants Rhea’s pregnancy truth to come out in front of the family. Pallavi asks Rhea to go for the test, let the reports come anytime, but they will not wait further, else Prachi will refuse for the marriage. Rhea falls into big trouble. Aaliya and Rhea try to find a way to skip this problem. Ranbir meets Prachi and tells her that he is really happy to know that she is his baby’s would be mother. Prachi and Ranbir share a moment, and grow emotional. Ranbir shows his faith on Prachi once again.

Earlier in the show, Rhea tells that Prachi should apologize to all of them for ruining the family reputation. She asks Prachi how can she do such characterless deeds. Prachi calls it enough. She tells that she isn’t pregnant with Sid’s child, Rhea is lying. Sid worries for Mihika, and signs Prachi to cover up the truth. Ranbir asks Prachi what did she say. Prachi tells that she also can’t believe that Rhea is pregnant with Ranbir’s child, she is also characterless.

Aaliya asks her to talk about herself, about Sid and her relation, her illegitimate affair and child. Prachi asks her to give the lecture to Rhea also. She also suspects Rhea’s pregnancy. Rhea asks her to mind it. Prachi asks Rhea to get a DNA test done to prove that she is carrying Ranbir’s child. She puts Rhea in a big fix. She finds Rhea’s face turning pale. She wants everyone to know Rhea’s truth.


Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2022 Written Update Ranbir’s faith:

Prachi asks Rhea to prove that her baby is of Ranbir or not. She tells you have smartly asked me to get the test done, now you have to prove it. Rhea panics. Prachi says it is as simple as that, you have questioned my pregnancy and I am questioning yours. She tells that she feels that the baby is not of Ranbir. Aaliya refuses to let Rhea get the test done. Prachi refuses to get married to Sid if Rhea doesn’t get the test done. Aaliya tells that the arrangements for her marriage are done. Pallavi intervenes and tells that Prachi has questioned their family’s reputation and not Rhea. She tells that Ranbir is their son and his baby is growing in Rhea’s womb. She tells that she don’t want Prachi to spread this news elsewhere after her marriage with Sid. She asks Rhea to get the test done to make Prachi quiet, and not to prove herself right. She announces that Prachi will marry in two days, sangeet will happen tomorrow, followed by marriage next day.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Prachi wants to prove her a liar/cheat. She asks Aaliya why did she provoke Prachi so much. Aaliya says you had argued with her. Rhea says Pallavi was taking a stand for her, and what was your need to interfere? She gets a panic attack and tells that she can’t take the stress/tension and will die. Aaliya asks her to relax and suggests her to make Madhurima understand the situation. She asks her to do anything possible to convince her doctor friend, for the fake DNA test.

Meanwhile, Prachi feels bad for asking Rhea to get the test done. She tells herself that she has not done anything wrong, and feels everything will be exposed if Rhea was pregnant or not, or did something with her pregnancy. She tells that though they are twin sisters, but their thoughts and upbringings were different, though they share the same parents, they are different. She thinks Rhea always becomes the reason for all her problems. She sees Ranbir standing on the door. He gets inside and thanks Prachi. Prachi doesn’t know why is he thanking her and asks him. He tells it is a happy feeling for him to know that she will be the one who will be his baby’s mother. He tells that nobody can take her place in his life, she might go away from his sight, but will always stay in his heart. Prachi gets touched hearing his faith in her. She talks to her baby and asks if he heard what his Papa said. She asks baby to promise that they will stay with Ranbir always, as he has the right on his happiness and he shall only get it. She hopes to stay with Ranbir and baby and make a happy family, as he loves them so much.

Sid gets worried for Mihika and recalls Aaliya’s threat. He confronts Prachi and asks what she wants to prove? He asks why she asked Rhea to get the DNA test done and tells that she would have told everyone about Mihika today if he had not stopped her. Prachi asks him to calm down and assures him that Mihika is safe. She asks him to trust her, as tomorrow will be a big day, she determines to expose Rhea and save Mihika too. She tells that we haven’t done anything wrong, you are like my brother. She tells you will get your sister and I will get my husband. She calls Shahana for help.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Madhurima is not picking her call. She calls her again on Aaliya’s sayings. Madhurima picks the call. Rhea shares her plan about coming to hospital to get her fake baby’s fake DNA test done for the fake report. Dr. Madhurima asks for the big sum of money. Rhea says her work shall be done and assures to give her money. She gets tensed seeing Pallavi standing. Aaliya asks Rhea to tell her. Pallavi asks Rhea being concerned for her. Aaliya tells that since Prachi accused that the baby is not of Ranbir, Rhea is feeling anxious and restless and this feeling is not good in pregnancy. She tells that you asked something and Rhea is replying something else, this all happening due to the humiliation she has faced. She says until the report comes, Rhea will be anxious and stressed. Pallavi feels sympathetic and hugs Rhea. She decides to get the test done today itself to save her anxiousness. Once Pallavi goes to talk to Ranbir, Rhea scolds Aaliya for her words to get Pallavi’s sympathy, due to which the latter is hurrying up with the DNA matter. Pallavi returns to take Rhea with her.

Prachi thinks Rhea’s hatred for her is increasing day by day. She thinks Sid’s fear is not wrong either. Dida happily hugs Prachi for her idea of Rhea’s DNA test. She tells that once it is clear whose father is whom, Ranbir will stay with you. She tells that just as Ranbir knows the truth that he is not Rhea’s baby father, he will stop her marriage with Sid. She tells the happenings are for good and that their love is strengthening with each passing day. Prachi sees Ranbir hearing them and smiles.

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