Kundali Bhagya 4th November 2022 Written Update Karan Rishabh showdown

Kundali Bhagya 4th November 2022 Written Update Karan Rishabh showdown

Kundali Bhagya 4th November 2022 Written Update Karan Rishabh showdown Karan tells Rishabh that he had fainted while saving Kavya and you couldn’t save her even though you was in your senses. Rishabh feels his love for Kavya is challenged. Karan says Kavya is my daughter. Rishabh gets angry and grabs his collar, says don’t call her as your daughter even by mistake, I can share everything, but not my daughter and Preeta.

Karan and Rishabh’s argument grows hatredness in their hearts for each other. Karan doesn’t want to give up on Kavya and is still angry with Preeti for marrying Rishabh Anjali provokes Karan against Preeta and asks him to hear one thing very carefully, says Kavya is not your daughter, but of Rishabh. She says Preeta is Rishabh’s wife and will remain his wife. She tells Karan that Preeto had never loved Karan. Karan gets upset.

Earlier in the show, The terrorists aim gun at the door. Prithvi asks terrorist to ask his men to keep eye on Kavya. The Police try to get inside. Prithvi calls the Senior Inspector and asks if he is the same whom he had talked to him before. Inspector Waghmare takes the call and says I was the one. He says he is Inspector Waghmare. Prithvi says Waghmare will leave. Rishabh, Preeta, Karan and Shrishti come there. Inspector Waghmare asks if there is someone related to them inside. Preeta says her daughter is there.


Inspector Waghmare asks them to cooperate with them and come with them. Inspector Kamte tells that they can’t take civilians with them. Inspector Waghmare tells that they are very powerful, as they are parents. Karan tells that he needs gun to fight with them. Inspector Waghmare says ok. The terrorists and the Police shoot at each other. Preeta sees Kavya and calls her. Kavya says Mamma. The terrorists shoot at the door. Prithvi asks the terrorists not to shoot Preeta ji. The Police and the Luthras go inside to save the rescue the hostages. The kids are safely taken out from there, while the shoot out is still going on. Karan hugs Kavya and opens the rope. Prithvi hides. Kavya kisses Karan and hugs him. Prithvi thinks to take revenge for Sherlyn’s insult today itself, even if he didn’t get the money.

Kundali Bhagya 4th November 2022 Written Update Karan Rishabh showdown

Prithvi thinks to kill Karan amidst the shootout happening in the school. Kavya sees Preeta and hugs her. The Police and the terrorists continue to shoot. The terrorist pushes the gun near Prithvi. Prithvi takes it and aims gun at Kavya, Karan, and others. Inspector Waghmare sees and alerts them. Rishabh shields Kavya. The Police constable keeps the iron shield to protect them from the bullet. Rishabh and Karan start beating Prithvi. Prithvi escapes from the door. All the kids come out. The Luthras ask where is Kavya? Kavya runs behind Prithvi. The terrorists and the Police shoot out continue. Prithvi sees Kavya running behind him, and thinks everyone will come behind her. He jokes that she might call him chote papa and might insist to play chess. Preeta and Shrishti run behind Kavya, and are stopped by the Police, as shoot out is happening outside too. Prithvi asks the main terrorist to kidnap Kavya to get saved from the Police. The terrorist takes Kavya forcibly. Rishabh and Karan come there. Rishabh beats the terrorists while Karan takes Kavya from there.

Kavya sees terrorists beating Rishabh and asks Karan to save him. Karan goes to the terrorist and beats him asking him to leave Rishabh. Prithvi comes and hits plant pot on his head. Karan looks at him and faints. Rishabh looks at Karan. He asks where is Kavya? Police makes Karan come in his senses. Everyone searches Kavya. Karan comes to the class room and searches Kavya. Rishabh also comes there.

Karan asks where is Kavya? She was with you. He asks did you lose her? Rishabh tells that she was with him. He asks why did you come to save me, why did you leave her. Karan says they were beating you. Karan says you can’t handle Preeta and Kavya. Rishabh asks him not to take their names. Karan says I fainted while saving Kavya, and tells that you couldn’t save her even though you was in his senses. He says he will be his enemy if something happens to Kavya. Rishabh says you are my enemy. He says she is his daughter and he don’t need to justify himself, he can die for his daughter. He says you are calling yourself as my enemy and feeling concerned for my daughter, asks him not to show off. Karan says he really loves her, she is his daughter. Rishabh loses his cool and says don’t call her as your daughter, she is my daughter, I brought her up. He says I can share anything, but not my daughter and Preeta. He goes.

Karan says she is my daughter, Preeta was mine too, but I let her go. Everyone searches for Kavya. They hear terrorist threatening Police saying they will kill the girl. The terrorist keep knife on Kavya’s neck. Everyone asks Karan to ask the terrorist to leave Kavya. Karan says he is not my man. The terrorist refuses. Kavya cries and tells that she is hurt. She calls Preeta. The terrorist goes back inside the school with Kavya on knife point.

Karan asks why we are listening to him. Inspector Waghmare tells that the terrorist is having the girl. Preeta takes Karan to side and blames him for his enmity with the terrorist. She tells Rakhi that Raja gunda has enmity with Arjun/Karan. She says he didn’t give money to Raja after the work so that’s why Raja kidnapped Kavya. Karan says he loves Kavya. Preeta says Kavya doesn’t need his love and tells that she don’t want him to come near her daughter. She warns him. Rishabh asks Preeta to handle herself. Preeta asks Rishabh to bring her daughter back to her. She cries and vents out her anger on him. Rakhi asks Karan to leave. Arjun goes from there.

Anjali comes behind him and asks him to let Preeta say whatever she wants, her words shall not affect him. He says will I let my daughter harmed? Anjali asks if he has come to take revenge from Luthras or to shed tears. She tells her that Preeta is of Rishabh and not yours. She tells that she has seen his bonding with Kavya, and now you are connecting with her more, asks him not to give importance to Preeta. Karan says he feels pain. Anjali says she will be with him always. She thinks if she can tell him about her feelings, thinks she can feel his pain and he shall take care of himself for her.

Rishabh calls Raja. Kavya comes out with shawl covered on her. Raja comes out. Rishabh and Karan ask her not to be afraid. Kavya asks them not to come near her. The Police understands and asks everyone to move back. Raja removes the shawl and shows the bomb tied to Kavya’s body. Preeta, Rishabh, Karan and others are shocked.

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