Bhagya Lakshmi 6th November 2022 Written Update Sonia deletes footage

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th November 2022 Written Update Rishi praises Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th November 2022 Written Update Sonia deletes footage Rishi asks Virender did you see the footage and find who is Lakshmi’s enemy. He says I will not leave that person this time and will make her/him fall on Lakshmi’s feet and apologize. Malishka gets tensed. Vinny proposes marriage to Ayush. Ayush refuses to marry her. Simmy asks why he don’t want to marry her. Ayush says he can’t marry her as he already had a girlfriend, his love of his life Shalu. Rano hears them and gets upset believing him. Vinny gets upset.

Sonia and Malishka compromise with the footage, and the family couldn’t see anything. Rishi tells Lakshmi that one thing, he can guarantee that he will never leave her and will be with her always. Neelam feels insulted after Dadi had asked her to call Lakshmi. She decides to take revenge from Lakshmi and show her bad side to her, to make her feel so helpless in front of her.

Earlier in the show, Malishka informs Sonia that Neelam asked Lakshmi to do puja after Rishi proved that she didn’t break the fast. They argue. Malishka tells that Rishi found the bottle in his room. Sonia says it was with you. Malishka says Neelam asked Ayush to see CCTV footage. Now he will know the truth. Ayush tries to check the footage in his laptop. Sonia uses her laptop to delete footage from her laptop and tells Malishka. Malishka appreciates her idea and tells that Ayush is browsing the footage.


Rishi doubts Balwinder. Virender tells that he can’t enter home. Rishi believes Balwinder is behind. Balwinder gets ready to go to Oberoi Mansion. Sonia and Malishka watch the CCTV footage in which it is clearly seen that they had gone to Lakshmi’s room with the bottle. Kiran informs Malishka that Puja is completed. Sonia gets up to get her phone and collides with Malishka. The laptop falls down as Malishka falls on it. Sonia asks how they will delete the footage as laptop is not working. They decide to get Ayush’s laptop and delete footage from his laptop. They come to Ayush’s room and ask for the laptop to show footage to Neelam. Ayush takes his laptop back from them.

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th November 2022 Written Update Sonia deletes footage:

Ayush takes his laptop back. Malishka tells Sonia that they shall destroy his laptop anyhow. Sonia says they will get the footage anyhow. Malishka asks her to do something and emotionally blackmails her, says you want me to become Rishi’s wife and your bhabhi. She suggests her to change Ayush’s laptop with her. Sonia calls her smart, and says how we will do this. Malishka asks her to bring her laptop and until then she will make sure, nobody watches the footage. Neelam asks Ayush if he saw the footage. Ayush says no. Malishka prays to God to save her. Pujaran calls Neelam for a ritual. Dadi asks Neelam to go and do the ritual. Lakshmi tells that they shall do puja on mahurat, and tells that guilty will be caught anyhow. Neelam agrees with her, which doesn’t go well with Malishka. She thinks if Neelam is softening for her as she has kept fast for her son and thinks to handle her later. Ayush comes to know that Rishi is on call with Ahuja. He goes to coordinate with him. Malishka waits for Sonia. Sonia brings her laptop and changes it with Ayush. She takes Ayush’s laptop with her.

Rishi asks Virender about Lakshmi’s enemy, asks if he saw the footage. Virender says no. Rishi swears that he will make the guilty person fall on Lakshmi’s feet and will make her/her apologize. He takes the laptop to see the footage. Malishka suggests him to see the footage later as puja is going on, for his father and her. Rishi thinks she is concerned for them. Sonia deletes the footage and goes to replace it. She replaces it successfully. Lakshmi feels Neelam is worried for her son. Vinny proposes Ayush for marriage. Simmy asks him to marry her daughter and set his life. Ayush asks what? Vinny tells that she likes him. Ayush makes excuses and tells that he has a girlfriend Shalu, who will not leave him if she comes to know that he is talking about his marriage. Rano overhears them.

Dadi asks Neelam and Virender to go to room to see the footage and asks Rishi, Lakshmi to be with her along with Karishna. Neelam, Virender and Ayush goes. Malishka thinks it is waste now. They couldn’t find any suspicious activity in the footage. Kiran tells that nothing is seen than Rishi and Lakshmi’s romance. Virender says it is proved that Lakshmi has not broken her fast.

Rishi comes behind Lakshmi to the kitchen being concerned for her and reminds her that she is fasting. She says she will break the fast seeing the Moon. Rishi makes her see her face in the plate and asks her to break her fast seeing the moon. Lakshmi finds him romantic and smiles. He jokes that since she came in his life, he became romantic. He then tells that he was joking, but his feelings are genuine. Lakshmi tells that he is really good, he supports her and she don’t feel alone. She tells that she don’t like him to fight with his mother. He says you are my wife, and is not behind anyone. He tells that he tries to be a good husband daily and tries to match with her A plus level standard, tells that he will always be with her. Lakshmi insists to record it in his phone. Rishi says it is recorded in his heart and will tell whenever she wants. Lakshmi and Rishi collide as they are about to go. She cleans her saree and takes the juice for Dadi. She then stops and tells Rishi that he is the world’s best husband of A plus plus grade and wants to match with him. He thinks he is unmatchable to her, but will try until he succeed. Lakshmi asks what happened? Rishi compliments her look in that saree. Dadi sings Bhajan and asks Lakshmi to continue singing. Neelam and Rishi hear Lakshmi singing.

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