Bhagya Lakshmi 9th November 2022 Written Update Lakshmi’s kidnapping

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th November 2022 Written Update Lakshmi's kidnapping

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th November 2022 Written Update Lakshmi’s kidnapping Lakshmi tells Rishi that it is a husband’s big fast which he does for his wife, that he keeps his wife happy always. She tells Rishi that he keeps her happy always and that’s why he is Lakshmi Bhagya. All the wives do the rituals to break their fast while their husband stand behind them. They do the ritual of doing aarti of the moon. Balwinder is in disguise of a dancer and gets happy to fulfill his wish to see Lakshmi. Ayush looks at Kiran talking to someone. Balwinder throws smoke bomb near the couples doing the puja for Karwachauth. Lakshmi looks at Rishi through the mesh and is about to break her fast. Rishi is about to make her drink water, when the smoke bomb is thrown by Balwinder near them. All the family members cough due to the smoke. Balwinder ties Lakshmi’s mouth and takes her from there. He kidnaps her. Rishi finds Lakshmi missing and gets worried for her.

Earlier in the show, Rishi gets ready. Malishka gets attracted to his looks and thinks he is so handsome. She hugs him and compliments his hero looks. She thinks they are made for each other and God knows from where Lakshmi came in between. He hopes to get hug from Rishi. Rishi tells that they shall go downstairs. Malishka insists to talk to him and asks if you think Lakshmi is perfect as she is fasting for you. She tells that she is not fasting as he refused. She tells about her dream to marry him and asks him not to snatch her dream from her. Rishi says everyone is waiting.

Malishka tells that Rishi has changed and getting stuck with Lakshmi all the time. She chides him for getting against Neelam and favoring Lakshmi. She tells that Lakshmi will separate him from his Mom and will separate his Mom from his Dad. Rishi realizes she is provoking him against Lakshmi and tells her. Malishka says didn’t you see that she has made Ayush against his Mom. Rishi disbeliefs Malishka. Malishka tells that he makes her great due to her conspiracies. He tells that until he is in Lakshmi Bhagya, he will trust Lakshmi. Malishka decides to change his Lakshmi Bhagya, and will make him rue his decision to be with Lakshmi. She doesn’t want to lose from Lakshmi.


Bhagya Lakshmi 9th November 2022 Written Update Lakshmi’s kidnapping:

Rishi comes downstairs thinking Malishka’s behavior strange for not understanding Lakshmi. He finds Lakshmi sitting in in house temple and asks her. Lakshmi asks him to fill vermillion on her hairline. Rishi fills her hairline with vermillion and looks at her. He questions her about the fast which a husband can keep for his wife. Lakshmi tells yes, and tells that respecting wife and getting her respected by everyone, keeping wife happy and taking care of her. She tells that when a girl goes to her husband’s house leaving her parents and family, then he shall not let her feel alone. He asks if he fulfills this fast/criteria. Lakshmi tells that he fulfills this daily being Lakshmi Bhagya. He says in that case, you are Rishi Bhagya. Lakshmi gets dizzy. Rishi offers to break her fast and don’t want her to take chance with her health. Lakshmi tells that she will break her fast only after moon appears with his hand, seeing him. He goes.

Bani collides with him and asks about Lakshmi. Rishi tells that she is in temple. Bani comes to Lakshmi and tells that she has something important to share with her and asks for a reward hug. Lakshmi hugs her. Bani informs her that Ayush and Shalu are a couple. Rishi hears them and calls Lakshmi.

Everyone awaits for the moon to appear. Pujaran asks the lady to wait and have patience. Rano asks the cloud to move away for 5 mins and gives way to the Moon. Dadi sees Rishi and Lakshmi coming and calls the latter as Moon. She asks Lakshmi if she is fine. Lakshmi smiles. Dadi tells Virender that last few minutes of the fast are unbearable to bear the hunger. She asks him to get the guests entertained. Virender informs that he has arranged the dancers.

The dancers come and dance. Balwinder is one among them and gets happy seeing Lakshmi. Ayush looks at Balwinder, but doesn’t give attention to his doubt. Balwinder stares Lakshmi as she smiles watching dance performance. Kiran identifies Balwinder. Ayush and Rishi go to dance. Kiran goes near him and asks why did he come? He tells that he came for his important work and seeks her help for his plan execution. Rishi and Ayush entertain the ladies with their special dance performance with Dadi. Dadi notices moon in the sky and tells everyone happily.

All the ladies stand in line to perform the rituals of Karwachauth puja, while their respective husbands stand behind them. The ladies do the aarti of the moon. Kiran asks Balwinder if he has gone mad to come there. Balwinder doesn’t want to hear and asks her to help him to fulfill his wish. Kiran tells that Malishka’s name shall not be exposed. Balwinder assures. Ayush looks at Kiran.

Lakshmi sees Rishi through the mesh. Kiran pretends to be on call when Ayush comes near her. Balwinder thinks Ayush is always behind him, his wish will be fulfilled anyhow, hopes Lakshmi does his aarti. He thinks Lakshmi has killer looks and he is ready to die. The dancers talk to each other that Balwinder is not one among them, and is known to Oberoi family. Rishi fills Lakshmi’s hairline with vermillion as shagun for the fast. All the wives touch their husband’s feet as a part of the ritual. Dadi is thankful to God for completing her fast, and gives credit to Lakshmi’s true love for Rishi. Rishi thanks Lakshmi for keeping fast for him. Lakshmi tells that she will be benefitted too, as she will get to eat with her hand. Rishi tells that he can make her have food. Lakshmi jokes asking him not to make her fast daily. Ayush lights the crackers.

Rishi is about to make Lakshmi drink the water to break her fast. Balwinder throws smoke bomb near the couples doing puja. Everyone start coughing due to the smoke, and haven’t broken their fasts. Dadi says from where did this smoke come? Balwinder comes there, taking advantage of smoke and ties Lakshmi’s mouth with cloth and takes Lakshmi from there. After the smoke goes, everyone looks for Lakshmi. Rishi finds her missing and sees Guddu’s car parked on the road. He tells that he will bring Lakshmi and comes to road. He finds car gone, and thinks he can’t lose, will search Lakshmi.

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