Kundali Bhagya 9th November 2022 Written Update Preeta stuns Karan

Kundali Bhagya 9th November 2022 Written Update Preeta stuns Karan

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Kundali Bhagya 9th November 2022 Written Update Preeta stuns Karan Karan gets emotional seeing Kavya and thinks she is his reflection, his own daughter. Shristi notices his tears and thinks he has same feelings like Preeta. She doesn’t understand his attachment for Kavya. Anjali feels his pain. Sameer shows the photos to Karan/Arjun and confronts him for having their photos at his house. Karan tells that he shall file the case against them for stealing the photos from his house. Shristi asks Sameer not to tell Preeta about it. Preeta comes to Karan’s house and gives him something. She informs him about filing FIR against Arjun Suryavanshi so that he don’t come near her daughter. Karan is shocked.

Earlier in the show, Inspector Waghmare is getting the terrorists beaten up by the Constable. Preeta and Rishabh come there. Preeta sees Raja and slaps him repeatedly. Raja puts blame on Arjun Suryavanshi/Karan and tells that whatever happened is due to him, tells that he didn’t give his money so he has to do this to get money from him. He had come to know that he loves the girl very much and will do anything for him. Preeta asks Inspector Waghmare to write complaint against Arjun(Karan). Inspector Waghmare asks if she is sure? She says yes.

Karan thinks about Kavya. Anjali comes there in car and makes Karan drinks water. He asks her to take him to Kavya. Anjali says Kavya was missing you, Luthras took her with them. Karan says thank God, she is safe. He says he didn’t know that she will become his everything and asks her to take him there. Anjali takes him. Rishabh and Preeta are returning home. Rishabh asks Preeta if she is still angry and tells that she had vent out anger already. Preeta says 4-5 slaps are not enough for Raja and tells that they should have filed complaint against Arjun Suryavanshi when they come to know about him. He says he wants to tell her something, but getting scared of her. He asks her to calm down first. Preeta thinks she will not let Arjun (Kavya) come near her daughter.

Kundali Bhagya 9th November 2022 Written Update Preeta stuns Karan:

Karan comes to Luthra house. Mahesh thinks Rishabh and Preeta came. Rakhi senses Karan has come. Mahesh opens the door and sees Karan. Anjali says media was outside, so we didn’t get space for car parking. Mahesh says they want gossip. He asks why did they come? Karan tells that he wants to see Kavya once. Mahesh says Kavya is sleeping. Rakhi lets him see Kavya. Karan thanks her. Rakhi gets teary eyes and asks Shristi to take him to Kavya’s room.

Dadi gets call from Preeta. She tells Preeta that Rakhi told that everything is fine. Preeta says everything is fine and tells that Rishabh suggested her to talk to her once. Dadi asks her to put call on speaker. Rishabh greets Dadi. Dadi tells that she has saved Karan saving Kavya and praises him. Preeta tells her that all this was done by him, he tried to take Rishabh’s life and now this. Dadi asks did you do anything against him. Preeta says yes. Rishabh tells Dadi that they will meet her and says bye. Preeta asks why did he lie? Rishabh tells that it is not lie, their intention is good.

Karan comes to Kavya’s room and keeps hand on her head seeing her sleeping. He gets emotional and holds her hand. He thinks her hand is like me, her attitude nose is also like me, she is my daughter, my life, my reflection. He reminisces their moments and gets teary eyes. Shristi thinks what happened to him, why is he looking at Kavya and feeling for her like Preeta. She thinks even Rishabh didn’ t cry like this for her. Anjali feels bad for Karan/Arjun and feels his pain. She thinks he stayed away from his daughter for so many years. Karan kisses Kavya’s forehead. He looks at Shristi who is standing in the door. He walks out with Anjali. He thanks God for keeping his daughter Kavya safe and for not letting anything happen to her.

Anjali tries to pacify him and says nothing has happened to her. Shristi gets doubtful and thinks why he has so much attachment for Kavya. Sameer asks what happened to him. Shristi tells that she had heard that he is rude, but he is so emotional and she didn’t expect him to cry so much. Sameer tells that he finds him strange and unpredictable. Anjali teases Karan and tells that she can’t wipe his so many tears, else people will think that she is trying to flirt with him. She asks don’t you want that. Karan says what I would have done, if you was not with me. Anjali says I am always with you. Shristi tells Sameer that she don’t like to see Anjali going closer to him. She tells that she dislikes him for messing up with Preeta and for troubling her, but she doesn’t have problem with him, she couldn’t hate him though she tries, tells that neither she hates him nor she loves him. She says she just want to wish him good luck.

Sameer says lets talk to him. He calls Karan as Arjun. Karan asks what happened Sammy? Sameer asks him to call him Sameer and shows the photos, asking what these photos are doing in your house. Karan says I shall file case against you for stealing photos from my house. He goes. Shristi checks the photos and says these photos was with him. She sees Rishabh and Preeta coming there and asks Sameer not to tell Preeta about these photos else she will be stressed. Sameer informs Rishabh that Arjun/Karan had come to meet Kavya. Rishabh asks why you both are upset. Sameer says nothing. Preeta goes out upset.

Karan recalls Preeta’s hurtful words for him. Anjali asks him to sit and says doctor must be on the way. She cleans his injuries and applies ointment. She says she was thinking to go back to London. He says don’t think of return, I need you. Anjali tells that Luthras say him anything, today he saved their daughter. Karan corrects her saying she is his daughter. He tells that he held her tiny hands in his hand, it was same like his hand, her facial appearance and attitude is his copy. He says he wants to meet his daughter, stay with her and spend time with her. He says now he understands, why parents are so emotional for their children and have unconditional love for them, tells that he is feeling the same feelings for Kavya. Servant informs that Preeta has come. Karan tells Anjali that Preeta must have come to apologized to him like last time. Anjali feels something wrong is going to happen.

Prithvi eats the food and asks for Sherlyn’s hand, says he wants to kiss her hand. He asks for more food. Sherlyn asks if he thought her typical wife and scolds him for calling her to school, says her legs are paining. Prithvi asks did I call you there. He says did you do favor on me, by cooking food. He tells that he will take food himself. Sherlyn tells that he is not letting her play game on mobile. Prithvi serves food in his plate and says he will eat food sitting there. Sherlun argues and goes out.

Karan asks Rishabh and Preeta to sit. He asks Servant to bring tea. Preeta refuses. Karan tells Rishabh that they shall talk, as it is difficult to understand Preeta. He says when she had come to apologize last time, she was complaining much and apologizing less. Preeta asks him to read it and gives restraining order papers. Anjali asks what restraining order? Preeta tells about filing FIR against Karan and tells that he shall not come near her daughter and if he comes then he would be breaking court’s orders. She tells that she has filed FIR as he is danger for her daughter, and she is her life for her, and she will not take any risks, and she did this as she don’t want to see him around her child. She says you didn’t listen to me, atleast you will listen to Court.

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