Kumkum Bhagya 11th November 2022 Written Update New threat

Kumkum Bhagya 11th November 2022 Written Update New threat

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Kumkum Bhagya 11th November 2022 Written Update New threat Prachi tells Ranbir that if he likes or not, she doesn’t care and will do what she likes it. She goes near him. He feels as if she is going to kiss him. She says she gave it a thought, but changed her mind. Ranbir wonders what does she want. Aaliya asks her goon to take Mihika to hotel. The goon who is posing as a waiter takes Mihika from there. Soon she gets call from her other goon who has helped her with Mihika’s kidnapping. He asks Aaliya to reach hotel in 30 mins, else she will repent for her decision. Aaliya is shocked. Rhea gets worried.

Earlier in the show, Prachi takes glass from Ranbir’s hand. He asks why she is marrying someone and showing concern for him. Prachi breaks the glass. Ranbir gets upset and tells that he would have got peaceful moments for sometime. Prachi tells that he can’t handle the drink. Ranbir tells that nothing is left in his life now. Prachi refuses to let him drink. He asks her to show her love and concern for Sid, whom she is marrying. He asks her to sing, dance, and marriage with Sid. Prachi tells that she can’t marry Sid, as she is married to him. She confesses to love him being his wife. Media gets good coverage and takes their pics. Pallavi tries to make them leave. Dida wants them to cover their heart feelings and truth, asks Pallavi not to stop media. Pallavi asks Dida not to favor them. Rhea tells Pallavi that Prachi is going crazy and wants Ranbir to take revenge from her. She tells that Prachi couldn’t bear to see her pregnant with Ranbir’s child.

Prachi shuts her mouth and tells that she is not pregnant with Ranbir’s child, infact she is not pregnant. Aaliya gets angry and says you made Rhea get the test and now blaming Rhea. Prachi stands firm on her words that Rhea is not pregnant. Kohlis shock. Prachi tells that Rhea’s pregnancy report will be here soon, but she is sure that Rhea is fooling the family with pregnancy drama. She tells that she is pregnant with Ranbir’s child, her husband’s baby. Dida, Vikram and Ranbir get emotional and happy. Aaliya threatens Sid to say that she is father of Prachi’s child. Shahana exposes Aaliya, and reveals that she wanted to kill Mihika if Sid doesn’t agree. Prachi holds Mihika for her safety and asks Sid to tell. Sid tells that Prachi’s baby is not mine, but of Ranbir. He tells that he was silent due to Aaliya’s threat for Mihika. Aaliya tells that she will be killed even now.

Kumkum Bhagya 11th November 2022 Written Update New threat:

Sid tells that Aaliya Buji was blackmailing to kill Mihika if he reveals the truth before everyone. Aaliya shouts that Mihika will die even now. The waiter stabs Mihika. Ranbir tries to get drink from Prachi, but she calls Pallavi and complains her about Ranbir taking hard drink. Pallavi asks him why he took hard drink? Ranbir refuses to drink it. Sid is worried for Mihika’s life, thinks Aaliya and Rhea are hardcore criminals. He thinks how to save Mihika. Rhea spies on him. Dr. Preeti calls Sid and asks him to give her message to Prachi. She tells that courier boy is near. Rhea thinks what they are planning. Ranbir goes behind Prachi and takes water glass from her hand. Prachi argues and asks him to give water. He drinks and asks her to answer. She replies that she don’t have time. He questions her why is she showing rights on him? Prachi tells that she likes the answers which she gets. He gets confused. She asks didn’t he like whatever she is doing and goes near him. He gets uncomfortable. Prachi tells that she thought to kiss him, but thought against it. Vikram takes Ranbir with him.

Shahana asks Prachi what is she thinking? Prachi tells her about complaining to Pallavi about Ranbir, as he had taken the drink. Shahana tells that he will take revenge from you. Prachi says let him take, I enjoy.

Pallavi asks guests to give a hand of applause for Ranbir and Sid, and join them in their dance. Rhea shares with Aaliya that Sid along with Prachi are upto something. She tells that Sid and Prachi are getting confidence to do anything seeing Mihika here. She tells that we have put the ball in their control, we shall get everything in our control. Aaliya signs the goon to come, who was posing as the waiter. She asks him to do the work. He goes near Mihika. Mihika calls Sid, but nobody hears her voice due to baja sound. The waiter keeps hand on her mouth and asks her to come with him silently. Everyone enjoy the dance performance of the family members. Prachi and Sid dance. Ranbir comes there and dances with Prachi. Rhea dances with Ranbir forcibly. Ranbir goes. Sid, Prachi and Shahana make an excuse from there. The waiter fools Priya and manages to take Mihika outside the house.

Shahana asks Sid to tell what he told her. Sid gives Dr. Preeti’s message. Rhea tells Aaliya that now it is confirmed. Aaliya says they are always together. Rhea says they moved out all together. Aaliya says we will not lose, don’t worry. He asks Aryan if he saw Prachi. Aryan teases him. Ranbir sees Prachi and Sid talking and doesn’t see Shahana. He takes a drink and drink. Aryan sees him drinking and takes him to room. Shahana sees Mili running and thinks if she wants to suicide. Aryan asks Ranbir what happened to him, he was searching Prachi and suddenly searching wine. Ranbir says he don’t want to talk. Aryan takes him to washroom. Mili comes there and picks the knife from the floor. Shahana assumes she is committing suicide and snatches knife from her hand, saying she will not let her do anything. Aryan comes there. Shahana shares her doubt that Mili was attempting suicide. Mili says I broke up as I wanted to move on in life. She hugs Aryan.

The goon calls Aaliya. Rhea says he is the same goon who had kept Mihika in hotel. Aaliya asks why did you call me. The goon threatens Aaliya to come there in 30 mins. Rhea fears that something big is going to happen. Aaliya decides to go to hotel and check.

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