Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2022 Written Update Anjali's arrest

Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2022 Written Update Anjali’s arrest

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Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2022 Written Update Anjali’s arrest Rishabh gains consciousness Preeta asks Rishabh if he is thinking something. Shristi tells everyone that Kareena got Anjali arrested for Rishabh’s accident. Kareena gets angry and says I told that nobody shall tell this to Preeta. Preeta reaches the Police station and sees Karan standing outside the lock up where Anjali is locked. She asks did you reach here with the fake proofs, to take her out from here, but I will not let this happen.

Earlier in the show, Shristi tells Sameer that Preeta scolded Anjali so much that her heart felt peace, but Arjun/Karan was taking Anjali’s side. Sameer asks her not to think about Arjun and forget it. Rakhi asks Peon what is he doing here? Peon tells that the accident happened outside the school. He says Anjali hit Rishabh’s car, and it seems she doesn’t know proper driving. Doctor comes out and asks ward boy to call senior doctor. Preeta asks what happened? Doctor tells that they are trying to make him stable and tells that when he met with an accident, his head bang with force. He asks them to understand that he has deep head injury so they have to treat him carefully.

Rakhi prays for Rishabh and says if Anjali did this accident intentionally then punish her for her dongs. Everyone is standing outside the ICU/ward. Kareena gets angry. Karan asks Anjali what Kavya told her. Anjali says kavya was upset, but she loves you a lot. Karan says I know, she is my daughter and I love her a lot. Servant comes there and informs that Police has come. Kareena has brought Police there and complains to Inspector to arrest Anjali for attempting to murder Rishabh. Karan is shocked.

Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2022 Written Update Anjali’s arrest:

Kareena asks Inspector to arrest Anjali for attempting to murder Rishabh. Karan asks can’t you see that Anjali herself is injured. He asks why she will harm Rishabh? Kareena says then how did Rishabh land in hospital. She says we have peon as the eye witness. She reminds him of his words that he loves them a lot. She tells that if Anjali is innocent then will be freed. Anjali asks Karan not to react as she is innocent so won’t be scared. Karan says you said right and tells her that he will come there with lawyer. Police arrests Anjali and takes her from there. Karan asks Kareena if Rishabh is seriously ill. Kareena asks him not to show fake concern and tells that you tried to kill him like last time. Karan says I didn’t do anything. Kareena asks him to stay away from her and her family else it won’t be good for him. Karan asks Lawyer to come to PS for Anjali’s bail.

Doctor asks Preeta and others to bring medicine and tells that Rishabh can gain consciousness at any time. Rakhi cries happily. Nurse informs Rishabh has gained consciousness.

Karan is driving the car and recalls Kareena’s words. He thinks he don’t want to see him, worst thing should have happened with him. He thinks he don’t want to see him as he has snatched his everything from him. He thinks if a brother does this. He thinks to go and check if he is really unwell but they are doing acting.

Mahesh asks Rishabh to be careful while driving. Shristi says you drive well. She asks him not to do any stunt. Rishabh tells that he drives welll, someone hit his car. Kareena comes there and hugs Rishabh. Rishabh tells that he is fine and asks her not to cry. Kareena promises not to cry. Rishabh says if you all get upset, then I get upset too. He asks Sameer to cheer them up. Kareena tells Rishabh that She got Anjali arrested for banging his car with her car. Rishabh tells that they shall get the facts checked, may be it was accidentally, why did you get her arrested. Kareena asks them not to tell Preeta. Preeta comes there and is happy to see Rishabh fine. She keeps the medicine, and says she will give him. Rishabh tells that he is better. Anjali tells Inspector that she didn’t do this accident intentionally. She says it was really accidental.

Lawyer calls Karan and asks him to come there for bail. He says he will come in sometime. Lawyer argues that he shall come soon, else bail is not possible. Karan says he will come. Doctor asks Rishabh how is he? Rishabh says he is fine. Doctor tells them that they can take Rishabh home, but he needs bed rest for 2 days to become fine. Preeta asks what happened, if you are thinking something. Shristi says Kareena bua made Anjali arrested. Kareena says I told that nobody shall say this, Preeta will feel bad. Preeta tells that she feels good. Rishabh says she might be innocent. Preeta tells that Anjali seems to be innocent, but she is not innocent. Rakhi asks Rishabh not to doubt Preeta’s intentions.

Shristi says don’t know what secret she is hiding and why she is harming Rishabh. Rishabh says she can’t do accident, it is a serious thing. Preeta says people take advantage of your goodness. Dadi asks Mahesh to get him discharged. Karan comes to PS and tells Lawyer that Anjali is one among his loved ones. He will not let her stay here. He asks his lawyer to show the CCTV footage of the school and tells Anjali that he will not let her have holiday here. She says she will bear him always. Preeta comes there and asks Karan if he brought fake proofs.

Rishabh comes home. Kavya hugs him. She asks him what happened to him. He tells that he was riding cycle and fell down. She says she knows road rules and asks him to tell truth. Rishabh tells her truth. She asks him to be careful while driving and hugs him. She tells that she had called Mr. Handsome, and Sweet Aunty made her talk to him on video call. Kareena says it means Anjali did his accident. Shristi says Arjun must have planned his accident, else he would have come here and asks him about him. Rishabh says no, he can’t do this. Rakhi says I can’t believe, if she has done this intentionally then I will not spare her. Mahesh says he will increase Rishabh’s security. Rishabh says he is enough to handle himself. He asks Shristi to call Preeta.

Preeta tells Inspector that Anjali tried to kill her husband and asks Karan to be in his limits. Karan says he is in his limits, but will not let Rishabh win the award. Preeta asks Inspector if he heard and says that he did this for the award. Anjali comes out of the lock up. Inspector says she is out on bail. Karan says he has brought CCTV footage and would have got it from Pataal. Preeta argues. Karan asks Preeta if she likes Rishabh before her marriage with Karan. She asks how dare to talk about my personal life. She tells that she likes Rishabh and will always support him. She warns them and leaves. Karan leaves with Anjali.

Preeta gives medicine to Rishabh. He thanks her. She asks him not to thank her. He says thanking each other is good and asks where did she go? Preeta recalls and says I was here. He says I was searching you, and asked Shristi to call you. Preeta tells that actually she had gone to PS, Anjali got bailed by Arjun.

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