Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2022 Written Update Rhea kidnapped

Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2022 Written Update Rhea kidnapped

Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2022 Written Update Rhea kidnapped Rhea informs Aaliya on call that when she reached hotel. Her goon had kidnapped Mihika and took her away from there. She tells her that they are going to sell her. Aaliya is shocked. Rhea makes instant plan to fool Sid with their lies, that Mihika is with them. Ranbir, Prachi and Aryan reach there to help Shahana and free Rhea. Rhea gets kidnapped again, due to her over smart behavior. The goons get greedy and wants to get big ransom from Aaliya inexchange of Rhea. Mihika appreciates Rhea’s luck and tells that she has to return even after paying the goons. She tells that now she understood why you could not get Ranbir. Ranbir wears Inspector’s costume and is going to tackle the goons.


Earlier in the show, Ranbir and Prachi are in the car. Prachi informs him about goon’s kidnapping and selling idea. They think of the location. Prachi says she knows it. Ranbir kisses on her cheeks, appreciating her intelligence. She asks him to drive fast and wears the seat belt. Ranbir drives the car. The goon tells the other goon that Rhea is sure about her words, and she gave them 10 lakhs Rs. The waiter asks them to let him go. The goon says we will send you once Mihika is sold. Rhea comes to Mihika and tells that she is great help for her, and nobody helped her a lot like her. She tells that though she hopes to help her, but Sid shall be blamed for her future life. She tells that you will be punished because of Sid and asks her to remember him and forget her.


She says bye and goes to the goon and slaps him hard. The goon gets angry. Rhea then stamps her foot on his foot and tells that this is to trouble her. She tells that she has given 10 lakhs Rs, so can show some him some attitude. She takes his mobile and leaves. The goon tells the other goons that he will give the money bag to the boss and asks them to keep eye on Mihika. Ranbir and Prachi come there. She sees bag and asks if he wants to runaway. Ranbir shows her the warehouse and feels romantic. He hugs her. The goons come out. Ranbir and Prachi hide from them.

Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2022 Written Update Rhea kidnapped:

The goons are on a lockout for any person coming there. He decide to check on Rhea. Ranbir and Prachi hide. Rhea is angry at herself for giving money to strangers to save herself. The goon informs his boss that Rhea is so rich and gave them instant money from the ATM. The boss slaps him for letting her go. The goon asks why did you slap me? He says we will get 25 lakhs, instead of 15 lakhs. The boss says your thinking is small, and tells that if they keep her captive and call her family for ransom, but might get 1 crore also. Rhea calls Aaliya from goon’s mobile. She then messages her. Aaliya reads the message and calls her. Rhea tells that there is a big problem, that she had gone to hotel, but her men had taken Mihika to sell her. She tells that they had even trapped her, but she somehow saved herself and is coming home. She makes plan to lie to Sid, and tells that they have to show him Mihika is with them. She says Prachi’s Bidaai song shall be played and will give her satisfaction. She tells that she will ruin her and deserve the satisfaction. The goon comes there and kidnaps Rhea, informs her about her updated ransom amount.

Prachi asks Ranbir to maintain some distance. Ranbir tells that they shall be together, else her friends will come. He compares her to the goons, and says both does same thing, tells that goon’s target might miss, but people will die with your stare. Prachi and Ranbir see Shahana and Aryan there. Aryan sees the goon about to catch Shahana. He diverts them and then runs to Shahana. She gets happy to see him. Aryan takes her with him outside. They go on the road. Shahana tells that she don’t want to go. Ranbir brings Prachi outside. Prachi tells that they shall go back and save Rhea. Ranbir tells that they shall save themselves first.

A lady enquires with Aaliya about Prachi, so that she can give her gift. Aaliya jokes that Prachi vanishes just as the clock strikes 12. She thinks if Prachi went to expose us. She goes to Pallavi and complains to her about Prachi, saying guests are searching her. Pallavi says she must be here. Dida sees Aaliya instigating Pallavi against Prachi, telling that she didn’t think or feel anyone saying. Aaliya tells that Prachi is not in the house. Pallavi asks Dida to bring her, else nobody can save her from her anger. Dida says if Prachi is at home then nobody can save her.

The goon brings Rhea back. Rhea asks how dare you, I gave you money then why you brought me here. The goon asks if you bought me with that money and tells that he is not her slave to listen anything. He says you could go as we let you. Rhea asks what about your ethics and rules. The goon says good question, but the girl can’t ask who left her relative here. He tells that their business is mad, but she herself is bad. Other goon says they don’t talk to dirty people and slaps them. Rhea twists his hand and thretens him saying he has no value. The goon goes to inform boss.

Rhea asks Mihika how is she feeling? She tells that she asked her to forget her, but she cursed him so much, that she has to return here. She asks goon to transfer Mihika from there, else she will kil her and he will all the money. The goon tells that though their value is less than her, but Mihika’s value is far more than you, and tells that she is sold for 15 lakhs and you paid 10 lakhs for yourself. Mihika laughs aloud and tells that you gave money and then also you came here. She says everyone saw how your destiny us. She says if you had good destiny then you wouldn’t have been with Ranbir. Rhea attacks Mihika. Mihika counter attacks on her, initiating the cat fight. The goons separate and take them away.

Dida comes to kitchen and looks for Prachi. Sid tells that he didn’t see. Dida asks did you see Rhea? Sid tells no. He thinks Rhea must be transferring Mihika somewhere and that’s why Prachi and Shahana went there.

Ranbir tells that they shall scare goons acting as Police. Aryan wishes to disguise as villian. Ranbir tells that he has costumes for the theme party in his office. He shows the costumes. Ranbir and Villian select clothes of Police man and villian. Shahana goes to get ready too. Ranbir comes ready and asks Prachi to be there safely. Shahana comes there. Aryan acts as Gabbar. Prachi insists to come with them. Ranbir says if they catch you, I can’t take risk. Prachi thinks she will be helpful to him.

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