Kundali Bhagya 24th November 2022 Written Update Karan yells

Kundali Bhagya 24th November 2022 Written Update Karan yells

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Kundali Bhagya 24th November 2022 Written Update Karan yells Pandit asks Rishabh and Preeta to swear that they will love each other for the coming seven births. Rishabh holds Preeta’s hand and swears to support his wife in every birth. Karan happens to reach Luthra house. He sees Rishabh and Preeta performing the puja. He gets angered when Rishabh calls Preeta his wife, and shouts asking them to stop it. Preeta is shocked to see him again. She tells that he is standing in Luthra house because of the puja invite. Karan tells that she is right, he is back in his house because of God, else she has done her best to kill her. Snigdha overhears them and tries to find out Arjun’s feelings for Preeta. Preeta is taken aback by Arjun’s accusation. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Kareena asks Shrishti to make the prasad. Rishabh likes the clothes chosen by Preeta. He wants her attention. He finds her searching for the puja cloth. He tries to ask how is he looking. He laughs and then asks him about the kurta. She tells that its suiting him a lot. He compliments her also. She asks him to come for puja. Kareena makes Kritika sit in the puja. Pandit doesn’t find the puja items in the bag. Rakhi checks the bag. She tells that the puja items are missing. Kareena gets upset that Preeta messed up the things. Pandit asks them to arrange things on time. Kritika tells that they will miss the mahurat. Pandit tells that he can’t start the puja without the items. Rakhi gets scared of the bad omen.

Kundali Bhagya 24th November 2022 Written Update Karan yells:

Snigdha has her eyes on Arjun. Her Dadi tells that Arjun is already engaged, he just loves Preeta. Snigdha tells that she can’t take her eyes off Arjun, he is so handsome. Dadi gets the shopping bag. She finds the puja items in it. She asks Arjun why did he buy puja items, does he want to keep puja at home. She is happy to plan the puja. Karan tells that even he didn’t plan the puja. She tells about the puja items in the bag. Karan remembers Preeta. He tells that maybe his bag got exchanged with Preeta’s bag, they met in the market today. She tells that Luthras might have a puja in their house. He doesn’t think so, because its not anyone’s birthday. She asks him to come along, they will give the puja items to Luthras and go to meet Singh family. Karan tells that she is using his goodness a lot. Sameer finds Shrishti making the sweets. She is upset over Kareena’s words.

She asks him to go to office. He finds her mood bad and hugs her, saying he won’t go to office by leaving her alone. She asks him to leave her, she has to make sweets. He doesn’t leave her. She tells that she doesn’t like him, because he isn’t tall and handsome. She teases him. He angrily leaves. She shouts that she loves him a lot. Preeta meets Shrishti and asks her not to tease Sameer. Shrishti feels sorry. She asks Preeta not to get angry on her.

Preeta asks Shrishti to not take Sameer’s love for granted. She advises her. She asks Shrishti to tell Sameer that she loves him a lot, maybe she won’t get a chance later. She regrets that she didn’t tell Karan about her love. She gets emotional. She asks Shrishti to confess love to Sameer, and not tease him all the time. Shrishti asks if she is missing Karan. Preeta tells that she never forgets Karan. Sameer asks them to come. Shrishti wants to tell Sameer that she loves him, but he goes away. Rishabh asks Kareena about Bani and Mahesh. Kareena asks Preeta about the puja items. Preeta tells that she got it.

Kareena tells that there is nothing in the bag. Preeta tells that she bought everything. She checks the bag. She tells that some goons snatched her purse in the market. Rishabh and family worry for Preeta. Preeta tells that she is okay, Arjun had come there and saved her purse, Arjun was also shopping in the market, maybe their bags got exchanged. Kareena tells that they can’t lose the puja mahurat. Rishabh tells that he will go with Preeta and get the puja items. Rakhi prays for their protection. Kareena tells that Rishabh forgot his wallet. She rushes to hand it over to Rishabh.

Rishabh asks Preeta not to run, she may fall down. He tells that she should have told him about the incident. She tells that she didn’t want him to worry. Karan reaches there. Dadi tells that she will return the bag and come. She asks Arjun to sit in the car. Dadi returns the bag to Preeta and Rishabh. Rishabh thanks her for the sweet gesture. Preeta tells that she was going to buy the puja items again. She thankfully invites them in the puja. Kareena gives the wallet to Rishabh. She also thanks Dadi for getting the puja items. Dadi asks Arjun to come with her. Karan refuses. Dadi asks him not to refuse for puja. Rishabh asks Arjun to not neglect the elders’ words.

Karan agrees to attend the puja. While everyone goes inside the house, Preeta and Karan are the slow walkers, who tend back into a moment. He catches hold of her saree by mistake, when it gets stuck in his watch, courtesy the wind. She scolds him for his daringness. He tells that he isn’t at fault. They both try to free the stuck saree portion. Rishabh comes back to get Preeta. He removes Arjun’s watch and solves it. He takes Preeta with him. Bani learns from Kritika about the incident. She fears some bad omen. Rakhi tells that Preeta will buy the items and come. Kareena tells that she got the puja items, because of Arjun. The Luthras get to see Arjun. Kareena asks Bani to let Arjun attend the puja, he will leave in sometime.

Pandit asks all the couples to sit in the puja. He asks Kritika to tie the cloth for gathbandhan. Rishabh-Preeta, Sameer and Shrishti sit in the puja. Kritika and Rakhi tie the gathbandhan. Karan gets reminded of his marriage with Preeta. He gets upset seeing the puja commencing. Pandit instructs the rituals to the couples. Karan feels tortured with the sight of Rishabh and Preeta performing the puja together. Pandit asks the husbands to promise long life protection to their wives. Rishabh swears to protect his wife and fulfil his duty. Sameer also swears of protecting his wife.

Pandit asks them to swear of keeping the relation for seven births. Rishabh swears to support Preeta for seven births. Karan gets raged up and shouts at them, asking them to stop it. He creates a stir in the puja. Rishabh and Preeta get puzzled. Karan pretends to be on a work call and rushes out. Preeta runs after him to stop. She asks him what is he doing in the house. He asks her why did she leave the puja and come after him. She asks him to answer. He tells that he got invited for the puja, and now she is questioning him. She tells that he was invited only for puja, not to roam around in the house. She asks him to stay away from her family.

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