Kumkum Bhagya Pranbir falls 28th November 2022 News

Kumkum Bhagya Pranbir falls 28th November 2022 News

Kumkum Bhagya Pranbir falls 28th November 2022 News Prachi, Sid and Sahana succeed in their plan of distracting the goons and entering the room to rescue Mihika. They free Mihika and run out of the hotel. They reach the car parking, where Aaliya hinders them. Aaliya and her goons attack Prachi, Sid, Mihika and Sahana once again, and render them unconscious by hitting on their heads. Prachi and Sid fall down unconscious, while Sahana gets to see Aaliya there. Aaliya plans to frame Prachi and Sid in front of Ranbir in the same manner as before, to show their affair. Ranbir loses faith on Prachi once again and decides to check if she is really spending romantic evening with Sid. Will Rhea and Aaliya succeed in creating the same confusion and repeat the history by separating Pranbir? Keep reading.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2:

Ram suspects Lovely to have a relation with Krish. He wonders who is Krish. Ram grows jealous seeing them. Adi and Vikrant hide Priya from Sid. Sid notices them. Shubham calls the clients to confirm the meeting time. Priya signs to Adi that their plan is on. Adi sees Sid staring at them and hides Priya further. Ram meets Lovely at her home again. He gets to meet Pihu, who dresses like Hanuman. Pihu tells Priya and Ram that she will end their Vanvaas. Ram gets emotional and feels connected to Pihu.



Anupama and Anuj get Dimple and Nimrit home. They decide to get the culprits punished. The family starts getting threatening letters from the criminals. Anuj reads the letter and grows worried. Leela advises Anupama to step back from her decision of seeking justice for Dimple, else this will cause chaos in the family. She fears that one spark can burn the entire family. Anupama sticks to her decision, despite all odds. Soon, Anupama gets attacked by the culprits who aim to scare her and change her mind.


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