Kumkum Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Update Prachi attacked

Kumkum Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Update Prachi attacked

Kumkum Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Update Prachi attacked Aaliya and her goons realize that Mihika has escaped from the hotel room. Aaliya returns to them to pay the money, and finds Mihika fleeing with Prachi and gang. She hinders Mihika from leaving. Aaliya strikes on Mihika’s head. Soon, Prachi, Sid and Sahana also get attacked by the goons who render them unconscious by blowing hits on their head. All of them fall unconscious on the ground, while Aaliya smiles with her new evil plan on her mind. Keep reading.

In the last episode, Aaliya tells that she will not leave Rathi, who cheated her. Rathi reaches them and tells that he is loyal to just the money. She tells that she won’t spare him for double crossing her. Sid, Prachi and Sahana look for Mihika. They see Aaliya and hide from her. Ranbir also reaches the hotel.


He asks about Sid’s room number. He flirts with the receptionist to get the details. She tells that Sid and Prachi didn’t come, they aren’t here. He still uses his charm to get her help. She tells that there is no booking on their names. Ranbir also checks the register. He doesn’t find their names. He thinks to check other nearby hotels. Prachi tells Sahana that they can’t talk aloud. Sahana doesn’t want tension. They hear the goons talking inside the room. They think if Aaliya is still dealing with the same goons who kidnapped Rhea. They hide from the goons. Sahana misleads the goon to save Prachi. Prachi tells that they will go inside and rescue Mihika. She gets an idea.

Kumkum Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Update Prachi attacked:

Prachi, Sid and Sahana hide from the goons. Prachi tells them that there is some risk in the plan, but Mihika will come out. Ranbir looks for Prachi and Sid. He doesn’t find her anywhere. He meets a delivery guy, who informs him about spotting Prachi in the palace hotel. Ranbir thanks him and pays him money for delivering him happiness. The guy remembers that he told the wrong name of the hotel. He feels guilty. Prachi takes a disguise of a waiter. Sid and Sahana tell that the goons won’t identify her. Prachi asks Sahana to go downstairs and keep the car on. Sahana wishes them all the best.

Sid hides in the corridor. Prachi tricks the goons and enters the room to serve the tea. She reaches Mihika and rescues her. The goons find Rathi in trouble, and realize that Prachi tricked her. Prachi and Sid ask Mihika to rush outside the hotel. Prachi changes her getup. Goons follow them. Sahana asks them to sit in the car fast. The car doesn’t start in time. Sahana makes a blunder, which makes them land in deep trouble.

Aaliya and the goons attack Sid, Prachi and Mihika, and also Sahana. Aaliya tells that Sid knew it, but even Prachi and Sahana got to know about Mihika. Goon asks her to give their money first, then he will do her work. She pays him and asks him to follow her orders. She asks the goons to put Prachi and the trio in the car, and kill them in the accidental fire. On the other hand, Rhea is joyful that Ranbir is just of her. She tells that she will get Ranbir and all the rights on him.

She kisses his picture and tells that soon she will kiss him. She calls Ranbir and asks him did he meet Sid and Prachi at the hotel. He tells that he lost them, they lied and didn’t go to the hotel. She tells that Prachi is giving him mixed signals, she is fooling him emotionally, she enjoys making him jealous, she is with Sid. He tells that he will come home and talk to her. Aaliya and goons bring Prachi, Sid, Sahana and Mihika to come old house. She asks them to wait, until she gets kerosene to burn them. She tells that goons should stay alert until she returns. Prachi gains consciousness, and grows worried on finding herself in the big trap. Ranbir is upset that Sid and Prachi have fooled them.

He wants to confront Prachi when she comes home. He gets to see Sid’s car parked outside some old house. He stops there and angrily goes to scold him. He thinks Sid and Prachi have entered the old house to spend time. He angrily barges inside to catch them red-handed. Prachi hears the goons talking about shifting them to the upstairs’ room. Prachi acts unconscious in front of the goons. Goons tie them up so that they don’t flee. Prachi wishes to get a knife and cut the rope.

Goon tells that they shall lock Mihika in some other room, they can’t trust Aaliya. Prachi tries to wake up Sid, after the goons leave. She burns the ropes tie to her hand. She wakes up Sid and Sahana. She tells them that the goons have locked Mihika in some other room. She asks them to leave fast and find Mihika. They run in different directions to confuse the goons. Rhea packs Prachi’s clothes and thinks of throwing her out of the house.

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