Kundali Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Update Rishabh arrest

Kundali Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Update Rishabh arrest

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Kundali Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Update Rishabh arrest Anjali shockingly accuses Rishabh of molestation. She sobs and lies to the police in front of Luthra family. She tells that she isn’t lying, Rishabh has really molested her. Rishabh is moved by her accusation, and so is his family, who blindly trusts him. Anjali tells that Rishabh has really molested her, and she has a proof against him. Inspector tells that Rishabh will punished for his crime. He arrests Rishabh.

Meanwhile, Preeta and Luthras try hard to stop the arrest, but in vain. Chaos begins in the house. Rishabh gets defamed in the media for the wrong allegations posed by Anjali. The news reaches Karan, who learns about Anjali’s plan of framing Rishabh to get him arrested. Karan wanted to see Rishabh behind bars, but will he go so morally wrong to punish his brother? What will be Karan’s reaction on Rishabh’s arrest? Keep reading.

Earlier on the show, Shrishti tells Preeta about the Akhand Jyot extinguishing. Rishabh and Preeta rush and save the diya. Luthras are shocked to see Anjali with the police. Inspector asks for Rishabh Luthra. Anjali accuses Rishabh. Inspector announces Rishabh’s arrest. The family asks Inspector about the charges. Rishabh asks what’s the matter. Anjali tells that the family is acting innocent, they all are devils. Rishabh asks her to control her tongue. He rebukes her for insulting his family. She tells that Rishabh has molested her. Preeta and the entire family are shocked by such dirty blame on Rishabh.

Kundali Bhagya 28th November 2022 Written Update Rishabh arrest:

Anjali accuses Rishabh of molestation. Rishabh, Preeta and the family call Anjali insane. They defend Rishabh. Inspector tells that he has to arrest Rishabh based on Anjali’s complaint. Preeta asks him how can he blame Rishabh, he should first see his reputation and personality. Rishabh asks him how can he come to arrest him without any proper investigation. Anjali tells that she can’t misunderstand anyone’s wrong touch, she isn’t faking any story, she can’t lie such a thing about her respect, Rishabh has really molested her.

On the other hand, Karan apologizes to Snigdha. He asks about Anjali, who is missing since night. Rishabh asks Anjali what is she saying, knowing he is married. Anjali tells that she is feeling scared of him. Inspector tells that Rishabh will get punished for his crime. Mahesh tells that Rishabh respects women, he can never do such a thing. Rakhi also defends her son, but Inspector doesn’t believe her. Shrishti yells at the Inspector.

She asks him not to believe Anjali, she lied. She tells that Rakhi never supports the wrong, she won’t support her son if he is wrong, she just stands for the truth. Bani asks Inspector to understand that Rishabh is innocent. Inspector tells that they have to arrest Rishabh, they aren’t fools, they are investigating the matter since the last night, they have checked Rishabh’s background also. Sameer tells that Rishabh is innocent. Rakhi tells that one night isn’t enough to know Rishabh’s history. She guarantees that her son can’t do such a crime, when he respects women so much, he can never molest a woman.

He asks her to say anything in defense, but Rishabh is wrong this time. He arrests Rishabh. Preeta tells that her husband is innocent, police can’t take him by arresting him, his respect will be ruined, his name will be spoiled. She asks Inspector to talk to Rishabh in the study room, and not take him anywhere else. Inspector asks her not to make his duty tough, when he is behaving well with them. Preeta worries for Rishabh’s defamation. Rishabh doesn’t want anyone to talk badly with Preeta.

He is glad that she trusts him. She tells that she trusts him, they know him really well, he can’t do anything such. Rishabh gets arrested. Anjali cries to gain sympathy. Constable tells that Anjali will get justice, police will support the truth. Anjali thanks the constable. She calls the media there. She remembers Arjun’s words that Rishabh and Preeta ruined him. She takes revenge on Rishabh and Preeta. She doesn’t want Rishabh to hurt and defeat Arjun. She supports Arjun. She remembers her promise to Arjun. She wants Rishabh to get punished for the cheat. She knows that once Rishabh gets arrested, even Preeta will be in trouble. Mahesh asks Sameer to call the lawyer and arrange the bail papers.

Inspector tells that he wants justice for an innocent girl. Shrishti tells that Anjali isn’t innocent, she is lying to fool them. Preeta tells that Rishabh didn’t do anything wrong. Rishabh is taken by the police. The media comes there and makes a breaking news. The reporters tell about the molestation blame on Rishabh. Rishabh worries for the family. Mahesh tells that he will come to help him. Preeta asks Rishabh not to worry, she will prove him innocent, they know he is innocent. He asks her to take care of herself, he has no worry when he has her faith on him.

Anjali sees Rishabh’s arrest and the family questioned by the family. Preeta shouts on the reporters when they blame Rishabh for molestation. Anjali gets a relief seeing Preeta in pain. She wants Preeta to always have this pain and tension on her face. Karan stays in a bad mood. He waits for Anjali. He asks Dadi to call Anjali and find out where is she. Dadi calls Anjali. Luthras shut the door and make the reporters away. Kareena asks them not to blame Rishabh, when they know Rishabh’s background. Mahesh tells Sameer that he is going to the police station to help Rishabh. Kareena tells that Arjun has put this wrong blame on Rishabh, Anjali has done this on Arjun’s word.

Rakhi gets worried and feels Kareena is right, Arjun has done this to take revenge on Rishabh. Karan worries that Anjali isn’t taking any calls. He thinks to go to the police station. Preeta arrives to his house to confront him. Rishabh asks Inspector about Anjali’s statement. Anjali tells the reporters about Rishabh molesting her. Rishabh tells the inspector that he is ready to tell him everything that happened last night. He asks Anjali to tell the truth. He asks why did she do this. He tells that he dropped her at the farmhouse, he helped her, her foot got a sprain and he just took her inside the house.

He asks her to clear the misunderstanding. She tells that its her mistake to take help from him and invite troubles. Rishabh asks inspector why is he supporting her, just because she is a girl. Inspector asks him to prove his innocence. Rishabh asks him to listen to him once. He tells that he didn’t do anything wrong. Inspector puts him in the lockup. Rishabh lectures Anjali, and asks her to stop lying. Inspector rebukes Rishabh for hurting Anjali. Preeta doesn’t spare Karan and asks him not to behave shocked, like he doesn’t know anything. Karan asks her the matter. She tells that he is behind Rishabh’s arrest. He is shocked to know this. She asks him to stop acting, how can he blame Rishabh for molestation by using Anjali.

She tells that media has defamed Luthra family just because of him. Karan tells that he doesn’t know anything about it. She asks Dadi if she knows about Arjun’s plan. Dadi tells that Arjun doesn’t know about it. Karan asks Preeta to calm down. Preeta warns him. She tells that he will get trapped in the problem she created. He asks her to get angry. She tells that he has committed a crime by getting her husband arrested. She threatens him. She tells that he has encouraged Anjali to blame Rishabh and get him arrested. Karan asks her to shut up. She tells that it’s a promise, she will save Rishabh and also expose Anjali and Arjun’s plan.

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