Bhagya Lakshmi 30th November 2022 Written Update Love track

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th November 2022 Written Update Love track

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th November 2022 Written Update Love track Rishi feels sympathetic for Lakshmi, who has tolerated a lot, nothing right happened with her. Malishka waits for Rishi. She imagines Rishi and her romantic moment. She collides with him and falls in his arms. Malishka gets too happy in her dreams. Rishi doesn’t go to meet her. He instead meets Lakshmi on the terrace and gets into a moment with her. Malishka is sure that Rishi will come back to her once again. Rishi gifts a rose to Lakshmi. Malishka reaches Rishi’s house and looks for him. She finds him sharing a romantic moment with Lakshmi, and grows angered. what will Malishka do next? Keep reading.

Earlier on the show, Dadi calls Lakshmi a blessing for them, that Lakshmi handled Ayush’s matter so well. She wishes Lakshmi always stays with the family. Karishma tells that she isn’t happy. She forgives Ayush. She gets angry that he didn’t remember her in the tough moment. Lakshmi stops Ayush. Rishi defends Lakshmi. Karishma finds Rishi liking Lakshmi a lot. She doesn’t know how Rishi will accept Malishka.


Rishi just worries for Lakshmi. Malishka is sure that Rishi will feel sympathy for her. He decides to stay with Lakshmi. Malishka expects him to come to her forever. She calls him. She asks him to spend time with her, he is really important to her. She tells that Kiran still thinks Lakshmi is guilty. She adds that she doesn’t care for anyone, except him. Rishi asks her to get ready, he will come to pick her. Kiran finds her happy. She doesn’t want Rishi to ignore Malishka.

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th November 2022 Written Update Love track:

Lakshmi picks the washed clothes from the stand. Rishi sees her on the terrace. He tells that she is strange, she likes to do all the work alone. She asks him why was he looking for her. He tells that he wanted to give her something. He gives her a rose and brings a smile on her face. She asks him to fix the rose in her hair. He does as she wants. They share a moment of soothing romance. He falls for her simplicity. Malishka waits for Rishi. she thinks Lakshmi has stopped him midway. She wants him to come to her soon. Rishi assists Lakshmi in her work.

He tells that every husband should help his wife, it increases the love, respect and understanding between them. They have cute Rishmi moments. He blocks her way with love. He lifts her in arms. She tells that he always has excuses to lift her. He asks her if she doesn’t like to come close to her. He asks her answer. She gets shy. Malishka gets upset that Rishi didn’t come till now. She decides to go to Oberoi house and get him. She collides with Rishi, and falls in his arms. He compliments her. She asks him to say it again. She tells that they are made for each other.

She asks if Lakshmi stopped him at home. She doesn’t want to talk about Lakshmi. She asks him to come with her. He tells that they will relive old days and make new memories. She tells that she has been waiting for him. He tells that her wait is over. She happily hugs him saying her wait is over. Her dream comes to an end. She looks for Rishi. Rishi and Lakshmi share a laugh.

They stay together and feel happy. He cares for her. He grows closer to her. Malishka reaches there and is shocked to see them holding each other’s face. She punches her hand in anger. She leaves from there, making a sound to disturb them. Rishi hears the sound and turns to see. He doesn’t see Malishka. Neelam comes there with the servant. She finds Rishi and Lakshmi together. Rishi makes a leave, while Lakshmi finishes her work. Shalu praises Ayush that he always supports Lakshmi. She misses Ayush. He gets hiccups. He calls her.

He tells that he thought she is missing him, so he is getting hiccups. She tells that she wasn’t missing him. He tells that she would be backbiting about him. She tells that she was praising him. He tells that he caught her. He asks what was she saying about him. She tells that he supports Lakshmi a lot. He tells that he cares for her also. Bani gets hurt. Shalu jokes and asks him to come and help Bani in her work. He tells that he knows Bani isn’t much hurt, but he can come to her place if she wants. She asks why did he call her. He tells that he called her because he was sitting idle.

She tells that she has much work. Shalu and Ayush have a cute banter. Bani smiles hearing them. Shalu calls him stupid. Bani teases Shalu by his name. Shalu pulls her ear. Rishi finds Malishka venting her anger. Malishka grows mad. Rishi stops her. She calls him a cheater. She rebukes him for the cheat. She tells that he is selfish and liar, he spoke good things to her when she saved Lakshmi, when she asked him to spend time, he changed, he doesn’t care for her. She asks if he forgot their love. She tells that she still loves him a lot, but he has thrown her out of his life. He asks her to listen to her once. She asks him why did he change so much. He tells that he is a married man now, he is Lakshmi’s husband, he can’t keep their old relation, he is just a friend now, nothing can happen between them. His reply leaves her stunned.

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