Kundali Bhagya 1st December 2022 Written Update Rishabh’s reply

Kundali Bhagya 1st December 2022 Written Update Rishabh's reply

Kundali Bhagya 1st December 2022 Written Update Rishabh’s reply The Luthras meet Arjun at the police station. Shrishti requests him to help Rishabh come out of the jail by proving his innocence. Karan now believes Anjali, after seeing the bruises on her neck. He tells Shrishti that time will soon show them who is right and who is wrong, he will always support the right person, no matter who the right person is. He assures that the wrong person will get punished for the crime. Preeta has no hopes from him, and asks Shrishti to not request him.

She suspects Arjun’s involvement behind the conspiracy. Karan meets Rishabh and asks him the truth. Rishabh denies the matter. Karan asks him if he is right and didn’t do anything wrong, then how did Anjali gets those bruises on her neck. Rishabh replies that Anjali has made those marks herself, she has hurt herself to show the bruises. Karan asks him why would any girl accuse someone and get herself insulted. He tells that Anjali isn’t lying, Rishabh is lying. His words shock Rishabh.


Earlier on the show, Anjali fools Karan and lies to him about Rishabh’s anger and hatred. Preeta asks Rishabh not to get upset, he will get over this phase. Rishabh tells that he is at peace, because she is always there for the family. He feels lucky and thankful that Preeta is a part of the family, and also his life. Preeta asks him not to thank her. She wants him to face this strongly, because the family is with him. Rishabh agrees to her. Anjali asks Arjun to support her, not Rishabh. Karan hugs her. He decides to support her and get justice for her. He apologizes to her. He promises to stand by her.

Kundali Bhagya 1st December 2022 Written Update Rishabh’s reply:

Preeta finishes her meeting with Rishabh, and goes away. The man calls Rishabh lucky to get such a good wife. Rishabh tells that its his parents’ blessings that he got a good wife. He misses Rakhi and Mahesh. He feels lucky to get Preeta, but can’t tell his feelings to her. He doesn’t want her to misunderstand him. He tells that Preeta didn’t want to marry him, they both had just respect for each other and thought the marriage decision is wrong, but their Kundali Bhagya got connected. He feels blessed. Mahesh tells Shrishti that the lawyer refused to take the case. She tells that Rishabh is innocent. He tells that its his promise, Rishabh will get the bail tomorrow. He trusts his son.

Rakhi and Kareena also come to meet Rishabh. Kareena tells Mahesh that Rakhi went to meet Arjun and vent out her anger, but its good, Rakhi scolded Arjun a lot. Rakhi feels he should trust Arjun, who assured that he will convince Anjali to withdraw the case. Preeta meets them. She tells that Arjun is a liar, he lied to them, he won’t help them. Shrishti asks Inspector what would he do if Anjali withdraws the case. He tells that Rishabh will get free. Preeta tells Shrishti that Arjun lied, he won’t help them. Shrishti tells that they shall keep their ego aside and request him. She asks Arjun to please help Rishabh, since he promised Rakhi. Karan tells that time shall show them who is wrong, the wrongdoer will get punished. He asks them not to trust him if they can’t, because he trusts Anjali now.

Kareena asks won’t he ask Anjali to withdraw the case. He wants to meet Rishabh. Preeta and Rakhi ask him not to meet Rishabh. He asks them to let him meet Rishabh once. Inspector allows him to meet Rishabh. Preeta asks him not to permit Arjun, he is with Anjali. He asks her not to teach him the law. Mahesh asks Preeta to let them meet. Shrishti suspects that Arjun asked Anjali to blame Rishabh for molestation. Karan asks her why would Anjali lie such a thing. Preeta asks him if Anjali convinced him with the lies. He tells that there is no use talking. Rakhi asks him did he get convinced that Rishabh did wrong. He tells that he is neutral. Kareena asks him why does he want to meet Rishabh. He doesn’t answer them. He goes to meet Rishabh. Mahesh tells that he also wants to meet his son. Inspector asks him to wait till Arjun comes back.

Karan meets Rishabh, who tells that he is innocent. He asks Rishabh about the bruises on Anjali’s neck and arms. Rishabh recalls the incident. He tells that Anjali has hurt herself. He asks Arjun to believe him if he wants. He tells Arjun that he saw Anjali on the way, her car broke down, he went to offer her lift, she didn’t say anything. He reveals the entire incident to him. He tells that its not his mistake. Karan tells that he knows Anjali since years, she isn’t lying, why would she lie to get herself insulted in front of the world. Rishabh asks him to leave if he has made an opinion that Anjali is right.

He asks Arjun to talk to the lawyer and get him punished. He thought that Arjun came to know his side of story and the truth. He is upset that Arjun doesn’t believe him. He has no proof in his favor. He tells that truth doesn’t need any proof. He asks him to see his eyes, which can never lie. Karan remembers how Rishabh and Preeta murdered him. He makes a leave from there. Priyanka keeps an eye on Arjun. Preeta wonders what’s Arjun talking to Rishabh. Shrishti reprimands Anjali for blaming Rishabh on Arjun’s command. Anjali stains Rishabh’s character.

Preeta tells that Rishabh is like Ram, he respects women, he can never disrespect any woman. She calls Anjali a liar. Anjali asks Inspector to see Preeta, she is threatening her, she loves her husband and thinks he is innocent. Shrishti tells that Preeta didn’t threaten her. Anjali lies in front of them. They get to see Anjali’s true face. Inspector asks Preeta not to threaten Anjali. Preeta tells that she didn’t threaten Anjali. Karan comes there, and finds Anjali blaming Preeta. Shrishti and family defend Preeta. Anjali asks the police inspector to show the cctv footage to them and bring the truth out.

Anjali thanks Arjun for supporting her. She proves Preeta wrong. Preeta tells that she didn’t threaten Anjali. Karan asks her not to touch Anjali. Inspector warns the Luthras. He permits them to meet Rishabh. Karan takes Anjali with him. Preeta follows them. Anjali tells Arjun that she likes him a lot. He gets the lawyer’s call. Preeta goes to Anjali. Anjali asks why is she following her. Preeta calls Anjali an evil person. Anjali asks her to see a bad person in Rishabh. Preeta tells that Anjali has proved herself wrong by blaming her. She defends Rishabh.

She tells that she understood Anjali is very clever, maybe Arjun is also supporting her, they both can try to harm Luthras, but justice will prevail, she will prove the truth. She asks Anjali to accept her lie, and save her name from getting tarnished, else be ready to bear the consequences. Anjali asks her to make Rishabh accept his mistake, if he wants to avoid the strict punishment. Preeta feels sorry for Anjali. She promises to bring out Anjali’s true face. Priyanka finds Preeta warning Anjali. She asks Anjali to tell the truth to everyone that she lied about Rishabh. Karan gets to hear about Anjali’s lie, and seems shocked.

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