Yeh Rishta Truth hits Akshara 1st December 2022

Yeh Rishta Truth hits Akshara 1st December 2022

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Yeh Rishta Truth hits Akshara 1st December 2022 Aarohi blackmails Abhimanyu to get his bike as a gift for her reception. She tells that she is demanding the bike for Neil. Abhimanyu unwillingly agrees to her demand, but Akshara doesn’t. Akshara suspects that something is wrong that Abhimanyu is obeying Aarohi blindly, like she is bossing him around. Akshara gets keen to find out what is Abhimanyu hiding. She wants her answers for his strange behavior. She reaches Goenka house, when Abhimanyu waits for her at Birla house. Akshara demands the truth from him. She decides to stay at Goenka house. Aarohi keeps her next wish, that’s to unite with Goenka family. She asks Abhimanyu to help her patch up with her family, who isn’t forgiving her for her marriage decision. She wants Abhimanyu to apologize to her family and convince them to attend the reception party by forgiving her heartily.

Abhimanyu reaches the Goenkas with Aarohi’s wish of seeing them at the reception party. He appeals to Manish to forgive Aarohi. Akshara is stunned, as the family members are. She asks Abhimanyu what makes him apologize on Aarohi’s behalf. She finds this totally weird. She decides to find out if Aarohi asked him to say this. She hears Abhimanyu talking to Aarohi. He asks Aarohi to stop blackmailing him by taking Akshara’s name, when he has done as she told him. Akshara wants to know the truth that Abhimanyu is hiding from her, since Aarohi is able to blackmail Abhimanyu on the basis of that truth. Akshara gets close to learn about her medical condition that she can never get pregnant to bear a child. Will this truth shatter Akshara, or her relationship with Abhimanyu? Keep reading.

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